Planning to Spend This Weekend on the Beach? Don’t Use a Bath Towel


Summer is here! Could there be any better way to enjoy the hot weather than having fun at the beach? Living in a country with plenty of amazing beaches is a great way to enjoy life. We, Aussies, are blessed to live in such a country with some of the best beaches worldwide. Therefore, we have the opportunity to experience a joyful occasion any time of year, regardless of the season. Choosing to go on a beach vacation or spend your weekend on beaches can be relaxing, and it’s the ultimate gateway that everyone deserves.

However, it’s essential to have a beach item checklist so that you don’t have to run back to the hotel room dragging the sand with you. Towels are often the most overlooked item when it comes to beach item checklist. On the other hand, many choose the wrong towels like bath sheets for a beach vacation as they don’t know the difference between an ordinary bath towel and a super absorbent beach towel.

So, why you shouldn’t choose bath towels for the beach?


Yes, take a look at the size of a standard bath compared to a microfiber beach towel. If you hold a beach towel up to a bath towel, you’d see that the beach towels are much bigger. When laying down on the beach, you want ultimate comfort and protection from the sand. Trying to fit onto a smaller bath towel is a bad idea. You wouldn’t want to come in from a swim and be unable to fit onto the towel you brought. That’s why you need to opt for towels that are exclusively designed and manufactured for the beach.

Thick and Fluffy

Bath towels are thick and fluffy for a reason. But, they aren’t suitable for the beach. Beach towels are so thin and can dry quicker. Nothing is as annoying as wrapping a soggy wet towel around the body after swimming. You’ll need a useful beach towel that dries quickly and protects you from the sand.

Less Options

Bath towels come in standard sizes and colours. This is not the case with fast drying beach towels, as they come in a range of shapes and varieties. In fact, there are so many types of beach towels to choose from. Look for beach towels that have vibrant colours, patterns, and different sizes that reflect your style. You can even select custom printed beach towels for the entire family.

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