Plasma Cutting- Process and Equipment Considerations

Through the mode of an accelerated jet of hot plasma, the plasma cutting process is done by electrically material. The materials cut by plasma cutter are torch, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Plasma cutting is often used in welding shops, automotive repair and restoration, and construction companies. Due to its accuracy and lower prices, plasma cutters are most widely used in the technical field.

How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

The plasma cutting method is thermal. This method uses heat to melt the metal rather than mechanically cutting it. The overall workers of the order is always the same. Plasma cutters use other gases like nitrogen and compressed gas. Plasma is formed by the ionization of these gases. Generally, the compressed gases come in connection with the electrode. After the contact, they ionize to form more force. When the force builds up, a current of plasma is pushed near the cutting head. The cutting tip tightens the flow to start a current of plasma. This is then restrained to the workpiece. As plasma is electrically conductive, the workpiece is joined to the ground by the cutting table. 

Equipment Considerations

Power Source

 PAC’s power origins are created with open-circuit voltage on a scale of 120 to 400 volts. The fixed current falls down the voltage quality d.c. unit. The current output from a plasma power source may vary between 70 and 1000 A. It relies upon the thickness and speed of the material that has to be cut.

Plasma Torch

A plasma cutting torch has an electrode holder. This holder joins the electrode tip to the hole in the tight nozzle. The extend its life, the nozzle is kept in cool water. Plasma gas is infused into the torch around the electrode. This leaves by the nozzle hole in a plasma jet. Nozzles with varying hole diameters are present for use with various current settings. The higher the current larger the nozzle hole. Nozzle design relies upon the method that is changed and cut.

PAC Controls

PAC controls are given in specific solenoid valves. These valves turned off/on to gases and cooled water. Flowmeters usually are included in the circuit to control the flowrates of plasma and gases. A water flow switch is given to stop the entire process if the cooling water flow drops below a safe limit.


Therefore, plasma cutting is the most widely used method. Its features are more suitable. Plasma cutting is the most economical tool for cutting materials with precision. There are many products and services to explore. Contact us. 

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