Plate Carriers: A Buyer’s Guide

A PLATE CARRIER may be used for a range of sports, such as paintball, or for more serious reasons, like enforcing the law (assuming you are authorized to do so). In any case, there are a few things to think about while searching for a new tactical vest if you want to make the best and most knowledgeable decision possible. In this post, I’ll go over the most relevant things to think about.


The weight of your TACTICAL VEST AUSTRALIA matters because if it’s too heavy, it will slow you down. Almost all things that cause you to wear a plate carrier – hunting, catching bad people, woodsball – need you to act rapidly and at a moment ‘s notice, if your plate carrier is too big, it will slow down your reaction time, which can be dangerous. This could cost you your life in a fighting situation if you do not react fast enough to such circumstances.

Heat Issues To Consider

When you’re wearing a tactical vest and constantly running around, it’s easy to get hot and sweaty, particularly in the summer when the temperature is high, or if you reside in a warm state where it’s sunny much of the time. Most plate carrier vests have a problem with heat buildup; if you think you’ll be wearing yours in hot weather, search for one with functionality that help it handle heat, such as the air vents . When things start to heat up, several plate carriers also may have moisture carriers or even hydration bladders, which can be very useful.


It can help you in certain cases where you will have to use a plate carrier if it can be hidden so no one sees it. This is particularly true for military personnel. If an unarmed suspect notices that you are wearing body armour, they will most probably kill you in unprotected places. In certain cases, discretion is key; if you need to hide the fact that you’re using a plate carrier, look for one that’s easy to wear unnoticed.


Among the most essential duties of a plate carrier is to keep you protected from damage. When you’re looking for one to buy, the ability to do this role well is certainly something to think about. The level of security that your plate carrier will provide will be determined by the risks that you are most likely to face. When faced with threats from pistol bullets, soft armor is usually sufficient to repel them. If you need to repel rifle rounds, however, you’ll need to use plate carriers.

Material Of The Plate

The materials used to make ballistic plates are also important to consider; they are usually made of steel, ceramic, or polypropylene. Each material has characteristics that make it ideal to be used on plate carriers in a variety of situations.

These considerations will certainly assist you in making a wiser choice when buying a PLATE CARRIER, although the most important feature to me is security. Make sure you read more about it if you’ll be using it in a possibly life scenario. It’s your life on the line.

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