Play Different Music on Multiple Echo Devices:

Amazon has recently made a process which allows users to play different music over multiple speakers. Every latest upgrade for Alexa from Amazon is making it more efficient and the best enjoyment device you can purchase for your place. Due to the affordable pricing, Amazon Alexa has remained up-to-date with the customer’s needs improving their experience significantly. With the intro of multi-room audio, one can play favourite music tracks, podcast episodes, or radio programmes from Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, and Sirius XM with multiple Echo devices. If you have multiple Echo speakers throughout the house, you might think of playing different music on various Alexa devices across your residence. The Amazon Echos are one of the most delicate entertainment devices enabling tune between them with straightforward voice commands. The AI assistant, Alexa, can accomplish almost everything and manage these several Amazon Echo devices. Amazon always stays abreast with the latest features and entertainment with simple voice commands. Amazon’s Multi-Room Music feature lets you stereo pair your speakers for adequate audio quality.

Here is how to play different music on multiple Echo devices:

To set up multi-room tunes on your Alexa speakers, observe the simple steps noted below:

Start the Alexa device on your device. Also, one can download it from the play store.
Now, you will see the house-shaped icon called devices (on the bottom of the screen) on your mobile phone.
After that, you can notice a + icon (in the top-right corner) on the next screen. Click the icon that will show you the pop-up menu.
Choose the Add devices from the pop-up menu.
Now, choose the kind of Amazon device to set up.
Then, provide all the details about the age of the device.
Here on-screen guidelines will let you through the set-up process.
Make sure to plug in your echo device. Then connect it with the Wi-Fi to get the results.
Also, rename your Echo device.
After renaming, start to play different music on multiple Echo devices.
To play this, select each device separately and access its device choice.
In the end, move to the music playback settings and start the music you wish to enjoy.
To rename a device:

Move to the device’s screen on the Alexa app.
Choose the Echo and Alexa buttons.
Then, prefer the device you want to rename.
Here the settings screen for your device will pop up.
Choose edit name choice.
Then, rename your selected device and choose to select the done button.
Then, the device name will switch immediately.


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