Play Pac-Mac in Google Search & Unlock Google Search Easter Egg

You can play PacMan in Google Search and also unlock the two-player version adding Ms Pac-Man.

The classic game, PacMan is celebrating its 40th anniversary since its release in the year 1980. And, the fans know that they can play the game on Google web search. However, the availability of the game on Google Search is known to everyone but what everyone not knowing is they can unlock another version of the game also on Google Search. The unlocking of another game version will not only add Ms Pac-Man to the game but also turn the game into the two-player version. Here is how you can add the game mode of Pac-Man along with searching for the classic game on Google Web Search.

Pac-Mac still has a huge fan base and is considered as one of the most iconic games. The game has earned a massive popularity among the fans over the years. The interested fans can still purchase the game from its official link. Now, on completing its 40th anniversary, this is the right time to talk about the game, including its Google Search Easter Egg. The availability of this classic game on Pac-Mac is not new as it was added in the year 2010 by Google. Google added the game to a web search to celebrate the occasion of completing the thirty successful years of the game. However, the game is still available on the web search even after a decade. The fans can easily get access to the game if willing to enjoy the addictive gameplay. The game will also allow you to add Ms.PacMan which is hidden in the Easter egg.

Accessing Pac-Man Through Google Search

It is quite easy to find and play Pac-Man games through Google Search as it only requires you to search the game. When you explore the game, then it will only provide you with various ways to access the game. For instance, if you will enter the term Pacman in the search bar, it will display the game in the search results at the top. When you click on play, the game will open in the pop-up widget. So, the simple way to search the game is to visit the search bar and instead of clicking on the search button, Hit on the option “I’m feeling lucky”. When you hit on, I’m feeling lucky, and it will launch the game instantly in the web browser with its version of the full screen. The fans can also take the same approach on their Smartphone if they are using a Chrome application. However, the method on the Chrome app will require to check the Settings menu on the desktop.

The original Easter egg will not only help the fans in adding Ms.Pac-Man to the engaging gameplay but also get you the two paying modes of the game. In the first mode, the players will need to control the game mode by using directional keys. In the second mode, the players can control the game by using the keys D, W, S and A. If intended to unlock this feature then move to a web browser and enter google Pacman while using the option I’m feeling lucky. You will be redirected to the original listing of Google doodle of the year 2010. There you will get the option appearing at the top of the displayed page to play the game. This time you will find a choice of insert coin in Google Search, and when you click on it, it will launch the game for you. While tapping the insert coin will unlock the two-player mode for you.

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