Play These Real Money Poker Card Games To Build Your Skills

Poker games are the epitome of variety. Once you enter this field, you will be astonished by the number of choices you will need to make. The choice of how far to take poker, the choice of which formats to play, the choice between cash games and tournaments, and so much more. However, before all these choices, you must first discover the many variations of card games poker has to offer and decide on which one would suit you the best.


Poker does not refer to a game or two. Instead, it is used to classify a wide range of card games played for real money. Naturally, this gives you a lot to consider because choosing the right starting variation is like placing your right step forward for a walk, failing to do so could see your trip. Out of the many poker online games that you can pick from, we now present to you three games that will help build your skills and give you a holistic idea of what to expect at the table.


Texas Holdem


Texas Holdem is a guaranteed name that a list like this cannot avoid. This is the most popular form played around the world. Be it online events of live gatherings, and Texas Holdem is always the party-stealer. With its simple format and easy rules, this community-based card game is undoubtedly a fan-favourite. The game’s objective is easy – form the best possible poker hand using five cards for which you get a total of seven cards as options. Through this game, you are sure to brush your poker basics tidy.




Omaha is a game that is often considered to be a ‘2.0’ version of Texas Holdem. Like Texas Holdem, Omaha is a five-card community-based poker game where six to ten participants can play at a table. Apart from this, Omaha also shares the same poker hands, rounds, table positions and blind formats such as Texas Holdem. Omaha too is one of the more popular card games, hosting some of the biggest special tournaments worldwide. The only difference between the two is that Omaha deals you with two additional hole cards making your calculations more challenging.




Rummy is wildly popular in India and offers multiple formats within its brand. These games are played between four to six participants, where each game lasts around 15 minutes. Rummy is jam-packed with action and provides a ton of fun with its easy-to-understand structure that any beginner can learn in a few minutes. In Rummy, the winner is decided upon who forms the best two winning sequences out of which at least one must be a pure sequence, meaning it must not include a wild joker card. Playing Rummy will take much of your time, and its unique rules will give you a different flavour of poker.





Playing any of these real money poker games is bound to positively impact your skills at the table. Do not take our word, try it for yourself and you will see.


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