Play To Earn Games – Getting Started With Game-Fi

People always need a mode of entertainment, and if it is games, it is even more fun. What if people can earn money while playing games? The answer to this question was answered by the concept of web3, blockchain, and NFTs. The idea of introducing Non-fungible tokens to the game in the place of normal in-gaming items. NFTs, give a unique representation of ownership on the blockchain, which makes it comfortable for the players to sell them in a gaming NFT marketplace whenever they want. This resulted in the new creator economy in the world of blockchain.

Play to earn NFT gaming marketplace

In play to earn games, you will need NFTs of that game to start playing the game. Once you purchase them from a play to earn NFT gaming marketplace, you can get started with the game. In traditional games, when you buy an in-game item, you will get access to the items in your account. But you don’t get the ownership of the item when you pay for them. While in NFT games, you get the ownership of the item for what you spend on the blockchain. You can access them wherever you want and can be traded anytime.

In addition to that, these games have created a new trend called Game-finance which is creating an opportunity for the gamers to earn. Whenever you win a match or score a point, you get to earn equivalent cryptocurrency for that. In other words, it is bringing the concept of rewarding the gamers for the effort and time spent on the platform.

As mentioned earlier, you should own NFTs from the play to earn NFT gaming marketplace to get to play the game.

The bottom line

Though there is a mixed reaction from the developers, the gamers are indeed on the positive side when it comes to NFTs in games. The earning possibilities of these games invite a huge crowd of NFT traders and collectors rather than professional gamers. And those who play to earn NFT games with astounding gameplay are getting the attention of the gamers community as well.

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