Play to rank games- the new entry in blockchain games.



We are aware of the fact that play-to-earn games got the attention of the gaming community recently. The popularity of crypto kitties and Axie infinity brought a bunch of that gave people not only fun and entertainment through games but also an opportunity to earn money through them. Long gone are the days when only gamers with exceptional gaming skills used to earn all the money. Today anyone can earn through play to earn. With that being said, there is a new addition in the industry which is the Play to Rank games on the blockchain. What are they and what should you know about them? Here is a short insight for you!


Play to Rank Games


We know in play to earn games, we earn cryptocurrency as rewards for playing the games. For every task we complete, every battle we win, or for every point we score, we get rewards in the form of crypto tokens, which can be real money when exchanged. These rewards are not just for money but also to upgrade the NFT from the NFT gaming marketplace to get a better experience and better earnings. 


While some people really reap the best out of these P2E gaming platforms, some say it’s a lot of investment and work. Though many games came out to overcome the flaws, there is yet another gaming range- the play-to-rank games. The recently launched game from Volare rewards the player who gets the ranking for the day. That is, you play the game, you score and get into the rank board, and you get rewards! That’s simple right but will this work like how P2E helped gamers to earn?




Well, we will have to wait and see if it is making the best. Since these PLay to rank games focus on the NFT gaming platform rather than the earnings, it will indeed be a treat for gamers. 

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