Player Discovers Spider-Man PS4 Web-Slinging Animation You Haven’t Seen Before!

For a Spiderman game to be worthy of its name, the most critical aspect the primary point of focus should be getting the web-swinging right. Insomniac has managed to nail it with its Spider-Man PS4. The system feels unbelievably fluid, and the gaming company put in every bit of finesse and swagger as possible. Even though the game released a couple of years back, gamers are still discovering such maneuvers and actions in the game. A Reddit user by the handle johnnyjohn22 found this unique swing-motion quite recently, although he has beaten the game twice already. It looks like he is not the only one to have made this discovery, judging by the number of likes and upvotes his post garnered within a short span of being put online.

Player Discovers Spider-Man PS4 Web-Slinging Animation You Haven’t Seen Before

This animation is limited to certain situations and is triggered when spider-man runs into a fire escape. As soon as the superhero makes contact with it, the animation lets him pull up the fire escape level by level using the web, without losing his momentum till he reaches the top. All that is needed to activate the animation is to hold the R2 button of the console when you approach the stairs. When given this command, Spider-man gives up his original wall run. This animation can also be triggered if Spider-man comes across the fire escape mid-swing. The character will approach the fire escape from the side and swing with one hand. No clips exist of this motion on the game, but the players can try and recreate it if they are interested and have not seen it happen yet.

These are not the only tricks up Mr. Peter Parker’s sleeve. Players get to perform an action called “web tunnel” whenever they are confronted with tight spaces like a water tower or through a construction pipe. While running or swinging, and the superhero can latch on to the edge of tight spaces with his webs and slingshot himself with it.

The mystery of whether Miles will be able to recreate this graphic magic in its upcoming game Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game is still present. Developers of Spider-Man PS4 Ryan Smith and Bryan Intihar said that Peter was functioned to do a lot of those web-swinging tricks because the two had eight years of experience under their sleeves by the time Spider-Man PS4 story materialized. Miles will have just twelve months clocked in during the Miles Morales game. He may have some flimsy animation put in to make it feel a little more novice.


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