Players will learn more about Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas this month

Path of Exile’s next big expansion will be livestreamed in just a few weeks. Dubbed Siege of the Atlas, developer Grinding Gear Games is calling it Path of Exile’s biggest expansion of the last year, and players will see what to expect when the studio unblocks on January 27. The cover reveals everything. During this time, they can POE Currency Buy to prepare for the new league.

For those interested, they can watch Siege of the Atlas on January 27th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST / 7PM GMT on RPG’s Twitch channel. As for what the expansion itself will bring, players do get some information from the developers right now. So far, they’ve shared that it will welcome new endgame systems and new pinnacle enemies, as well as a new challenge league.

Players will also see the arrival of new unique items and rewards, as well as some brand new endgame content as story missions. The developers also folded some balance changes through the expansion to improve gameplay. Now players can watch the trailer on the official forum. If players are interested in this, they can also buy POE Currency to make themselves better in the new league.

It’s still some time before the end of Path of Exile: Scourge, and if players haven’t gotten what they want in the league, they can prepare enough POE Orbs to get there. If players are looking forward to the new league, they also need to buy POE Items to be well prepared.

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