PS Plus is set to introduce some of the exciting titles for gamers to explore new possibilities while gaming as some free title has been revealed for the Japan and Asia region for the month of May and players are already quite excited to get their hands on one new game.

Various PS Plus subscribers from other regions like Europe and America are referring to the games revealed for Asia region and trying to gather hints associated with the games that their region could experience in the future.


The Asian subscribers of PS Plus services can access two free titles namely Metal Gear Survive and The Witness which players can download and start playing. Metal Gear Survive is based on the previous Metal Gear Solid which is a survival based title.

The second title is award-winning The Witness which is first person puzzle type game and is created by the reputed developers of Braid. Moreover, the Asian subscribers of PS Plus services can also access some exclusive free themes to improve the interaction experience while using the PS Plus services.

On the other hand, Japanese subscribers of PS Plus services have a little change in the list of free games.  Although Japanese subscribers will also have Metal Gear Survive as their first free title still, the second game would be Darksiders: Warmastered Edition instead of The Witness.

The said information was confirmed by the official PlayStation Asia, and Japan Twitter accounts that the PS Plus services will be able to access some free games and themes from 9th May to 4th June.

But as the games presented to both the regions were having some differences, it is quite possible that the PS Plus subscribers in America and Europe may receive completely different games from the Asia region.

Possibly the new free titles for American and Europe subscribers would be absolutely different in comparison to the titles launched for Japan and Asian players. The Witness and Darksiders titles have already been featured for the North American players, and likely PS Plus won’t be including it again, so it becomes hard for gamers to avail any hints with early release for the Asian region.

By going through the current pattern, it is really hard to ensure what title will the Europe subscribers receive as none of the three stated titles had been featured for the Europe region, so players are currently divining into random speculations.

Still, the possibility of Metal Gear Survive featuring for America and Europe players is quite high so players can try to undermine some initial details and gameplay to enjoy this title better if included.

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