Plough Shear Mixer Details

When it comes to manufacturing processes that involve blending dry and wet materials, it is crucial to have automated and robust equipment capable of meeting the demands of the task. This equipment should enable fast, lump-free, and uniform mixing of large batches of ingredients or materials. To fulfil these requirements, a ploughshare mixer is an ideal choice, commonly used in industries such as food, manufacturing, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


A plough shear mixer typically consists of plough-shaped shovel-like blades attached to a central shaft. These shovels have pointed ends, enabling them to easily penetrate dense masses of powder within a cylindrical vessel or drum. Additionally, the shovels have broader ends, which effectively shuffle and mix the ingredients or materials, ensuring three dimensional, fast, and homogeneous mixing.


Features of a high-quality plough shear mixer


Plough shear mixers are essential equipment for mixing large batches of dense materials, dry and wet. But to be effective, they must have certain features such as strong, high-energy shear action and liquid injection to minimise lump formation. Additionally, they must help your business comply with manufacturing safety and hygiene standards. So, look for a GMP-built, hygienic ploughshare mixer with lids on the top and side for simplified maintenance.


More features to look for


The best plough shear mixers come from reputable manufacturers specialising in industrial automation solutions for chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturing. Their products are often loaded with more innovative and state-of-the-art features to meet specific requirements. Here are the additional features to consider in a plough shear mixer:


  • Side cutters, intensifiers, and choppers for extra shear, and to reduce lump size.
  • Explosion-resistant ATEX construction when handling inflammable materials.
  • Teflon-coating to prevent materials from sticking.
  • Temperature control with a cooling/heating jacket to remove or add heat as necessary.
  • Automation-enabled multiple mixers.


These features make a ploughshare mixer more versatile and useful for a wide range of applications, including powdered material, grains, corn, chocolates, flour, sugar, fertilisers, seeds, non-toxic powders and chemicals, and spices. High-quality mixers are also helpful in processing powdered milk, non-toxic granules, beans, nuts, pulses, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Discover the best plough shear mixers!


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