Plumbing Tips For Every Part Of Your Bathroom

A bathroom has more pipes and plumbing fixtures than any other room in a house. With a huge amount of work to handle daily, clogs and leaks are bound to crop out.

Most people handle such issues by calling licensed plumbers in Chicago. These plumbers know how to deal with a variety of plumbing jobs – from fixing dripping faucets to sewer pipe repair.

It is sensible to call for experts when major problems arise. But homeowners need not be kept in the dark about basic tactics that could help them in times of crisis.

Plumbing Tips And Tricks For Bathroom Appliances

Plumber fixing white sink pipe with adjustable wrench.

When a pipe leak or a sink looks like it is clogged, it requires immediate attention. In such cases, waiting for licensed plumbers in Chicago to arrive can be daunting. Not to mention how expensive some services come out to be.

Homeowners could save a lot of time and money by taking care of minor plumbing issues themselves. Most importantly, regular maintenance of appliances can minimize the need for calling a plumber Chicago

Here are some tips and tricks that can be used to handle problems with bathroom appliances. These can save you the hassle of going through expensive and time-consuming plumbing services.


Toilets are a major source of leakage and flooding in most households. This plays a significant role in the wastage of approximately 10,000 gallons of water every year. A few tricks can help avoid this woe.

smiling man plumber in uniform repairing toilet bowl using instrument kit looks happy professional repair service.

  • Check for leaks in a toilet using food coloring. Add a few drops to the toilet’s bowl and check after 30 minutes. If the water has seeped in, you are dealing with a leak.
  • In the case of water overflowing, use the valve behind the base of the toilet to turn off the water. This will prevent the tank from filling up.
  • Use plastic instead of metal pipes. These are easy to fix and adjust in case of leaks.

Lastly, don’t throw solid waste except for toilet paper into a toilet. This way, you avoid clogging and flooding. If the problem seems to be getting out of hand, call for an emergency plumber Chicago.


Water pouring out of modern bathroom faucet

A heavy leak in a faucet means more water wastage. This equals to a heavy water bill. Faucets are made of movable parts, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for leakage. To avoid this, make sure all the parts are tightened up.

In case a leakage gets out of control, turn off the main water valve immediately and call for a plumber Chicago.

Also, clean the faucets and aerators regularly to prevent sediment from building up and corroding the hardware. This helps water to pass smoothly.


Replacing the plumbing in the bathroom mounted shower holder with height adjustable a shower head.

The water pressure in showers weakens because of poor maintenance. Keeping shower heads clean is a great way to avoid this. To do so, fill vinegar into a plastic bag to dissolve all the mineral deposits. Tie the bag to the neck of the shower using a rubber band, with the head submerged in vinegar. Leave it overnight.

By doing this, the water pressure of the shower will be restored.

Bathroom Sink

Male Plumber Working To Fix Leaking Sink In Home Bathroom

Bathroom sinks are most prone to clogs, by dint of all the dirt that gets stuck to the pipes. A good way to clean pipes is by mixing ½ cup of vinegar with ½ cup of baking soda and pouring it into the sink.

In case you are not comfortable with clogging sinks and tubs yourself, call for an emergency plumber Chicago as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

While basic plumbing is not hard to master, experts are required when things get out of hand. So, if you are looking for a sewer pipe repair or want to fix your dripping faucet, seek the help of licensed plumbers in Chicago.

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