POE Currency Discharge dmg figuring

operation Builds#1 : life Mjolner achieved legitimate by Rico – Juggernaut form (all substance material suitable)When bringing a Mjolner develop into PoB either through code or hyperlink or direct import by means of character acc name theres is a bug: 100% raised spell dmg when activated property disappear from POE Currency Discharge dmg figuring.

To right that you simply should erase the Mjolner in the make soon after the import is done and than include it again manually.Im very certain right now that PoB doesnt take “35% substantially less dmg when activated” house on Discharge into account when computing Discharge dmg.

At the end of the day each and every “Harm per hit” you see with PoB figuring for Discharge is erroneous. To www.lolga.com right this duplicate PoB Discharge dmg result by 0.65

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