POE Infinite Hunger Boss Battle Guide

There are four new endgame bosses in the path of exile, the easiest in the player’s mind being Infinite Hunger. However, for beginner players who don’t understand arena mechanics, you might get stuck at a certain stage and not be able to progress. It may not be the lack of Path of Exile Currency that restricts you, but cognition.
To access Infinite Hunger, it’s fairly straightforward to first obtain the keys to the new Atlas Siege boss fight. Just follow Kirac and The Envoy’s quest steps through the Atlas until you can run a level 12 map with The Eater of World influence. Defeating this map boss will drop the quest key for the Arena of Infinite Hunger.
How to Find the Portal in the Arena of Infinite Hunger
The first boss that the player fights is the Infinite Hunger, the player can easily avoid it, but please don’t underestimate the enemy, stick to the high ground for a while, if you are in a hurry to get close to the arena, due to the silt on the edge of the arena, you may be Subdued and drowned in the silt.
Players end up falling on an island in that filthy river of mud. More miniature monsters will continue to spawn and attack. During this time, a debuff will continue to stack, reducing your armor and evasion for the remainder of the fight. There’s a portal to return to the main arena hidden in the river, but if you wander around aimlessly, this debuff stacks up to a deadly level.
Please don’t panic, the silt river is mostly stagnant, watch the silt river carefully, it’s always moving, see which way it’s flowing. Wherever you go, sludge flows to the entrance. Following the direction of the flow of silt, you can quickly enter another island and get back into battle.
You can walk through the silt, which will seriously slow down your character. It is highly recommended that you bring Flame Rush into this fight, as your character will be slow to move while traversing the silt. Flame Dash’s instant teleportation will get you to another island faster. Even non-spellcasters are worth investing in level 1 Flame Dash in most boss fights.
Players will only have difficulty here, the rest is fairly easy. Infinite Hunger attacks don’t become particularly dangerous if you can control the debuff stacking. If you can, it is recommended that you kill him before the drowning begins, skipping the drowning phase. High DPS Building can make this fight trivial.
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