POE Siege of the Atlas is still shocking

Path of Exile updated Atlas passive skill tree, Eldritch endgame crafting, unique items, and Archnemesis Challenge Alliance in Siege of the Atlas, after defeating Chitava, players will meet Commander Chirac on Karui Coast, And join his militia to defend the World Atlas. Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds are even more terrifying.

Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds are “the most powerful beings the Wraeclast has ever seen”, and players need to explore the map and kill subordinates, Black Stars and Infinite Hunger, defeating them to gain valuable POE Chaos Orbs and other item rewards.

Path of Exile introduces a large Atlas passive tree with over 600 abilities. Each map, as well as various quests, earn players skill points that can be used to level their trees. Atlas has been redesigned to make it easier to understand deeper systems for endgame expansion.

A player’s Atlas Specialization affects every map they run, and while players would have previously collected 16 Watchstones, players will now need to acquire 4 Void Stones, which allows them to level up all maps until they are unified and Reach level 16. Can be applied to Void Stones and itemized and traded.

Archnemesis League requires players to build their rare boss battles by applying new monster modifiers to petrified monsters. Modifiers add dangerous behavior to targets, but also instill valuable rewards for them, and there are over 60 new boss modifiers to discover.

Each boss has its drop pool of new unique items, a dozen in total, game balance improvements, a new stash tab that allows players to store up to 500 gems or flasks and filter between types, and a tournament Activity,

In POE, the three bosses, including The Maven, The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds, are not that easy to deal with. Players can use POE Orbs to strengthen their characters, participate in the Archnemesis Hardcore Solo Self-found League, or be the first to defeat three bosses.

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