Points To Keep In Mind When Posting Event Photos Online

You just had a grad event celebration a few days back. Now it’s time you share the photos with everyone online. You can post the photos in digital format online. You just need to look around for the right spot where you can post the event photos.


  • Always ensure that you only post selected photos online
  • Check with the general rules of the website before posting any photos
  • Check with the resolution of the images you post


You can search for photos Lexington KY options online. Avoid posting images in bulk. You can follow the basics shared by the expert team.


  • Avoid camera uploads


You may be having a quality camera to take the photos. Posting HR pictures directly from your camera is never recommended. The photos might not be very clear on the website page.


Always ensure that you copy the images in photoshop before posting. Select the standard size for posting. Check with the website for details related to the photo size.


  • Scale down the thumbnail


If the photos are posted in high resolution then the size can be extra large on the website page. You have to adjust the thumbnail. Always ensure that the thumbnail is reduced to around 100 Pixels.


Adjusting the thumbnail will also make the photos appropriate as per the standard website page. You can hire the best photos Lexington KY team to help adjust the thumbnail when posting.


  • Connect Facebook page


In case you want to share a complete album of the event then you can always direct the visitors to your Facebook page. Some selected photos can be posted on the event website. This is one great way you can share photos only with users who are having access to your Facebook link.


You can add the right caption on the event website the link can be directed to the log-in page of Facebook. Only selected individuals will have access to complete event photos.


  • Use collage factor


A collage is a collection of some of the best photos. This can be added to the main page on the event photos website. You can make use of different tools to create your best collage.


In case you are unaware then you can also hire a professional team to perform this task for you. Collage is one of the ways you can share some of the best photos with others online.


  • Check for quality


The images that you post on the photos Lexington KY website, have to be of better quality. Always ensure that the images you posted are crystal clear blurred images should never be shared with anyone. You also need to check that the photos are posted in the right order.


You can add some of the photos as your favorites. You can ask the viewers to leave their comments on the same page as well. You can share the links with others on social media platforms or in their email id.


You can add a tweet column to the photos as well. So if the viewers like any image they can tweet it. They can also like the same.


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