Points To Remember When Replacing Old Garage Door

You may not need to replace garage doors every year. They can have a life span of fifteen to twenty years. Once they are not functional you have to replace them. You can hire a professional team, or perform the task on your own.


  • Always ensure you follow each instruction step by step
  • You can seek assistance from an expert
  • The installation process may depend on the type of door you have


  • Disconnect the door


If you hire an expert garage repair Lexington KY team, they always follow standard procedure. If you are performing the DIY task, you have to check with the spring tension.


Once the tension is released you can now disconnect the old garage door. The removing task may always be time-consuming. If the door is attached to the door opener, then ensure it is disconnected.


  • Always install new panels


If you are replacing the old garage door, then you cannot use the old pane. Every door will need a new panel. This is important for safety reasons.


It is also important to install hinges in the right position. If the task is not done best, then the door may not function smoothly. Check with the instructions before you line the hinges.


  • Check with spring assembly


For any garage door, spring assembly is an important component. It will regulate the movement of the door. You can hire the best garage repair Lexington KY expert for this task.


The spring has to be placed in the right position. It will offer full support to the garage door. You have to install the assembly on the ceiling.


  • Check with all bolts


A single garage door will use a lot of bolts. Each bolt has to be placed in its position the bolts also have to be tightened. If the bolts are loose the door will fall.


Always ensure you have access to the right set of tools. You will bolt the track in position as well. This is done even before you assemble the garage door.


  • Installing mainspring


Any garage door will have a good quality mainspring. You may need to ensure the spring is installed at the central position. If the position is not right the garage door may not be well balanced.


There are also chances that the door will fall when being operated. If you are not a technical expert, then do not attempt this task on your own. You have to fix the brackets as well.


  • Pulleys and rods


The garage door will roll onto the rod with the help of the movable pulley. But both pulley and rod have to be assembled on the wall. You will have to make use of the bracket to fix the pulley and rod in its place.


You can always look around for the best garage repair Lexington KY team within your reach. They can help you with installing pulley and rod for any garage door.


Once everything is done you just have to install the door in its place. If you are using motorized control then you have to connect the system to the garage door.

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