Pokémon Go: How to Defeat and Catch Stoutland During Unova Week

Pokémon Go is continuously entertaining trainers by launching new events and Pokémon. In the past few weeks, Pokémon Go has introduced several “Legendary” and “Mythical Pokémon.” Usually, players don’t get the opportunity to catch rare Pokémon, but in these past few weeks, Pokémon Go just impressed the players. Unova Week is currently live in Pokémon Go, and it is the third week after “Dragon” and “Enigma Week.” Unova Week is offering plenty of research tasks, new raid bosses, and some new Pokémon to catch.

Most of the Unova region Pokémon are currently appearing in the wild. Players can easily catch them to register in Pokédex. However, some powerful and rare Pokémon are appearing in raid battles rather than appearing in the wild. Raid battles are a great alternative to catch strong Pokémon instantly. “Genesect” is currently appearing in a 5star raid battle, but there’s a final form of “Lillipup” that appears in 4star raid of this week.

The final form of Lillipup is “Stoutland,” which is quite strong. Stoutland strongly deserves to win the 4star raid battle. It is a Normal-type Pokémon, but it’s powerful against many types of Pokémon. You need to bring your friends into a raid battle to win against Stoutland. However, you can win the battle with considerable margin, if you bring an efficient level of friends into a raid battle along with Fighting-type Pokémon. Indeed Stoutland is a powerful Pokémon, but it is weak against Fighting-type moves.

There’s a huge number of Fighting-type Pokémon available in the game that includes “Luracrio” and “Hariyama.” So here is a list of power Pokémon that will perform perfectly against Stoutland.

Best Stoutland Counters

  • Conkeldurr Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama – Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario – Counter/Aura Sphere
  • Machamp – Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Breloom – Counter/Dynamic Punch

Stoutland is an incredible Pokémon, but it is not much useful in PVP battles. However, in the lower raid and PVP battles, Stoutland can provide significant help. Players love this Pokémon because of its doggie design, and it belongs to the Unova region.

Stoutland’s first form Lillipup appears in the wild. Players can use incense to increase the spawn rates of the Unova region Pokémon. Usually, Lillipup only appears after hatching 5km eggs, but in the Unova Week, trainers have the opportunity to catch plenty of Lillipup. To evolve Lillipup in “Herdier,” it requires 25 candies and 100 candies to evolve in Stoutland.

Right now, players can easily collect 125 candies for evolving Lillipup in Stoutland. It will also offer additional XP to the trainers. Players can change the moveset of Stoutland by using “Fast TM” and “Charge TM.” The Fast TM allows the player to replace the fast move and Charge TM replaces the charge moves.

The Fast TM and Charge TM cannot be purchased, so players have to acquire it by playing PVP battles and Raid battles. In the PVP battles, players have to win at least two battles among five to get the Charge TM and Fast TM. Raid battle also provides Fast TM and Charge TM, but you need to play and win higher tier raid battles to win it.


Pokémon trainers are working continuously to register every Pokémon. To catch Pokémon like Genesect, players have to take part in 5star raid battles, but Stoutland can be registered through evolving Lillipup.

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