Pokemon Go: How to Defeat Garbodor in Raids

The August month for Pokemon Go trainers is going massively great. They are getting some fantastic Generation V Pokemon and rare Pokemon like “Emolga.” In the wild and the raid battles, mostly Generation V Pokemon are appearing. The great thing about the August month is that it is separated into three different weeks. Every week new types of Pokemon appear. It helps the trainers to register those Pokemon, which they usually don’t get to see. In the tier-5 raid, only “Genesect” is appearing, but there are several Pokemon appearing in the tier-4 raid. Among several Pokemon, “Garbodor” is also a tier-4 raid Pokemon, but some players have no idea how to defeat it.

Garbodor is a challenging Pokemon and strongly deserves to be in a tier-4 raid. It’s a poison type Pokemon, and most of the players aren’t aware of it. This new Poison-type Pokemon is an excellent option for PVP and PVE battles. It’s a new type of Pokemon, which is why most of the players aren’t familiar with it. Trainers who never saw Garbodor or never had the chance to register it in Pokédex, they are having some trouble to defeat it.

Pokemon Go: How to Defeat Garbodor in Raids

To defeat this Poison-type Pokemon, it is necessary to use its weakness as their advantage. Because Garbodor is Poison-type, it is weak against the Ground and Psychic-type Pokemon. Trainers also note that Garbodor is strong against the Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon. So in the battle, you have to focus on both sides. You strictly need to avoid the Fairy and Grass-type Pokemon and use Ground and Psychic-type on priority.

Usually, tier-4 raids require only 3 players to win but, if your friends are below level 30, you need to use above 3 friends to win against Garbodor. You need to play the battle with strategy by forming the right team and using the weather boost.

Best Garbodor Counter

Mewtwo – Confusion/Psystrike

Other Garbodor Counters

  • Espeon – Confusion/Psychic
  • Azelf – Confusion/Future Sight
  • Excadrill – Mud Slap/Drill Run
  • Alakazam – Confusion/Psychic
  • Latios – Zen Headbutt/Psychic
  • Metagross – Zen Headbutt/Psychic

Most of the trainers must have used some of the counter Pokemon in the previous raid battles. Trainers are already aware of strong Pokemon from the list. Mewtwo is a legendary Pokemon, and it’s a great option against Garbodor. However, if any player doesn’t have Mewtwo, they can use other Pokemon as well.

Almost every trainer is satisfied with the current “Unova Week.” After the ending of “Dragon Week,” Unova Week earned a great response from the audience. This event helped numerous trainers to register multiple new types of Pokemon. However, Niantic hasn’t revealed anything about the upcoming Pokemon Go event, so until then trainers have to wait for some good news.

Conclusion – The year 2020 is a remarkable year for Pokemon Go trainers so far. Niantic continuously provides great events to increase the popularity and playing time of Pokemon Go. After getting multiple amazing events this year, trainers are expecting more exciting content in the game.

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