Pokemon Go: How to Earn Mega Energy

2020 is overall a successful year for Pokemon Go and trainers. They had a quite rough start at the beginning, but after releasing a couple of great events, Niantic took the game on the right track. Trainers are very satisfied with the current event. After releasing the remote raid feature in the game, Niantic received a great response from around the world. To organize a raid battle, trainers don’t have to move out to start, because now they can do it from their home. This year, Niantic has introduced plenty of cool features, and players are enjoying it a lot.

From a recent update, Niantic introduced the “Mega Evolution.” However, this new update took the game to a slightly different path. Mega forms of Pokemon are super strong, but it requires a different process to evolve a Pokemon in Mega form. In Pokemon Go, trainers will require “Mega Energy” to access the Mega form. However, every Pokemon can’t turn in Mega form.

Mega Raids

Mega Energy can be earned through 2 separate methods: “Special Research” tasks and “Mega Raids.” The Mega Raids are quite similar to other legendary Pokemon raids, but now a concept named “Mega Raids” has been released. In Mega Raids, trainers have to battle against a Mega Evolved Pokemon. After winning the Mega Raid Battle, trainers will earn Mega Energy. Currently, Mega Charizard, Mega Venusaur, and Mega Blastoise are available on Mega Raid. Winning their Mega Raid battle will provide their Mega Energy and few more rewards.

Special Research

Special Research is another way to earn Mega Energy. However, trainers can only earn a limited amount of Mega Energy per task. Special Research tasks are very simple, so it’s a great way to earn Mega Energy quickly. A word to note is that trainers can only get Mega Energy of Beedrill to turn it into Mega Beedrill. Trainers who complete the Special Research “A Mega Discovery” will obtain Mega Energy of Beedrill.

Using the Mega Energy

After acquiring 200 Mega Energy of a specific Pokemon, trainers can evolve Pokemon in Mega form. The Mega form effect works for a limited time. After the time ends, the Mega form turns back to normal form. Great thing is that trainers don’t have to use 200 Mega Energy every time. Once a Mega Pokemon registers in Pokédex, it only requires 50 Mega Energy to evolve.

The new Mega Evolution update is awesome, but trainers are slightly discouraged due to Mega Energy restrictions. In September, Niantic will release some new Mega Evolution events and a cool Pokemon “Victini.”


The arrival of Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go has encouraged the players to do more Raid Battles. September month will introduce several new challenges and some new Pokemon to capture. Pokemon Go is available in selected regions on iOS and Android devices.

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