Pokemon GO: New Latios Raid Week Confirmed For Upcoming Week

Pokemon GO trainers are undergoing with its April Community Day Event and Raid Battles. Still, fans and community members are excited to know about the upcoming new Pokemon to the title and what more content would be available in the near future.

And to a surprise the developers behind the origin of this mobile AR game, Niantic has also assured that the new event is just down the road and players will be able to enjoy an exclusive new shiny type pocket creature, and it will indeed be a unique flying type.

The said Pokemon is the Latios, and it is an extraordinary creature in the Pokemon universe. Players will be able to grab on to a shiny Latios for themselves in the upcoming week, and they will be able to do so by accomplishing specific battles and challenges.

Although Lation is not amongst the top damage dealing Pokemon type still, this beast is gifted with some special move sets which allow it to make a significant impact during a battle. So ensuring the capture of this pocket creature becomes essential to bring depth to your Pokemon team.

Surely enough the next week’s Legendary Raid Event would excite many hardcore fans, and many community members are already formulating certain tricks and tactics to ensure the capturing of this fascinating new shiny monster.

One of the most significant advantages that the Lation Pokemon consist of is the ability to fly, which allows this Pokemon to achieve an extra edge in a battle conducted on any type of terrain.

Possibly many players would already capture this Legendary type Pokemon in previous Raid events, but this time around players can get their hands on to an exclusive shiny variant of this cute Pokemon.

The set date for the new Lation Shiny Raid Battle is fixed to release on April 15th from 1 PM, and it would last until the April 22nd. So players will have ample time period to grab on to as many Lation as possible.

Players will have to make sure to have certain types of Pokemon in hand while battling against the Lation Pokemon. As this Pokemon is a Dragon-type, so having a Dragon-type Pokemon in your deck could prove to be very helpful and players can ensure to defeat the rival Pokemon with ease.

Having Pokemon like Salamence, Palkia, Rayquaza, Dialga could be great counters against the Lation Pokemon so having a higher level of Pokemon can be very beneficial to secure victory.

Players will be able to grab on to the shiny form of Lation with ease if the at least up-holds three of the Pokemon mentioned above but if a player carries a Fire or Ghost-type Pokemon they can also help tremendously to ensure the grabbing of the new shiny Latios.

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