Pokémon Go: September and October Community Day Confirmed with an Exclusive Move

Pokémon Go has finally revealed the results of the upcoming September and October Community Day. For the upcoming Community Day (CD) fans had four options to choose between Charmander, Grimer, Porygon, and Caterpie. Now the voting is over, and Niantic revealed the final results. The voting was held over a weekend through a poll on twitter. Niantic already announced that the two highest chosen Pokémon would get September and October CD.

In the poll, two Pokémon took the show by winning and the other two runner-ups Pokémon barely got 8% combined votes. So as every player expected, “Porygon” and “Charmander” got the highest votes. During the voting, both of these Pokémon were trending in the Pokémon community. Porygon got the highest votes because it’s a rare Pokémon and the trainer wants to register it. On the other hand, Charmander is a fan favorite Pokémon that evolves in Charmeleon and Charizard.

To evolve Charmander into Charmeleon, it takes 25 candies and 100 candies for Charizard. If trainers evolve Charmander into Charizard, they will also get an exclusive move. On Community Day, the shiny form of Charmander will also appear. The shiny form of Charmander is pretty, but Charizard’s shiny form is very different from the original. The original form of Charizard is in orange color, but its shiny form is in matte black color that looks outstanding.

If trainers evolve Charmander into Charizard during the CD, they will get an exclusive move named “Dragon Breath.” The Dragon Breath move of Charizard is a fast move that has Power: 6 and Cooldown: 0.5 seconds. Mostly Dragon-type Pokémon possess this move, and Charizard can have it too if the trainer evolves their Charmander on CD. Charizard is not a Dragon-type Pokémon, but it owns some Dragon-type moves that make this Pokémon a fan favorite.

From the excitement of fans, the result of the poll was almost visible, but the competition was quite tough between both Pokémon. Niantic has also confirmed the date of September and October CD. The upcoming CD will take place on September 20 for Porygon and October 17 for Charmander. However, most of the fans were curious about why Charmander is part of an upcoming CD since it was already part of the CD once before.

The reason behind the voting for Charmander is that Niantic will launch “Mega evolution” in Pokémon Go very soon. Charizard is the third form of Charmander, and it will get two extremely powerful Mega forms. Charizard is already a powerful form, but its Mega form “Charizard X” and “Charizard Y” will set the stage on some higher levels.

Now that voting is over, and results are revealed, some fans are curious about November CD. Usually, in December, Niantic features the Pokémon that comes throughout the year. So according to this, there’s still one mystery left for CD 2020.

Right now trainers are busy with the “Heatran” raid. Heatran is legendary Fire/Steel-type Pokémon that are appearing in 5-star raids. So, this legendary will keep the trainers busy until the next Community Day arrives.

Conclusion – Trainers are always ready to catch new species of Pokémon. Pokémon Go is available in every region, and that’s why players from around the world will be able to catch the CD Pokémon on arrival. However, the CD will be available for a limited time, so it is necessary to catch the CD Pokémon as many as possible in the available time.

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Source: Pokémon Go: September and October Community Day Confirmed with an Exclusive Move

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