Pokémon Go: Tips to Get Max XP and Level up Faster

Pokémon Go is among the most recognized and played games in the world and for good reasons. The game capitalizes on the globally established Pokémon fandom and offers decent gameplay as well. In case you are looking for tips to level up quickly and get max HP as well, then you have come to the right place. This post will cover several useful tips and tricks to help you out in quickly leveling up.

What is XP?

XP is short for Experience Points, and you need to collect it to increase your levels. You get perks like Max Revives, Gym access, Nanab and Pinap Berries, Evolution Items. Great and Ultra Balls as you level up. You can capture higher-level Pokémon or hatch them from the eggs to get higher HP and CP.

You will need 1,000 XP to move from first to the second level, and the amount keeps increasing with your levels. So much so that you will require a massive 5,000,000 to level up from 39 to 40.

Can XP be bought in Pokémon Go?

The answer to the question would be, sort of. You cannot directly buy XP; however, what you can do is get Lucky Eggs that doubles the XP during the game. Its effects last for 30 min, and they come in different quantities in the shop.

  • 1 Lucky Egg: $0.80 (80 Poké coins)
  • 8 Lucky Eggs: $5.00. (500 Poké coins)
  • 25 Lucky Eggs: $12.50. (1250 Poké coins)

How to get XP?

You can only get Experience Points via experience. Simply play and catch Pokémon to earn XP. You can get different amounts of XP according to the activity. Here is the list:

Catching Pokémon

  1. 10 XP for Curve Ball bonus
  2. 10 XP as Nice Throw bonus
  3. 25 XP for Pokémon Flee
  4. 50 XP for First Throw bonus
  5. 50 XP as Great Throw bonus
  6. 100 XP as Excellent Throw bonus:
  7. 100 XP  to Catch a Pokémon
  8. 100 XP to Catch 100th Pokémon of species
  9. 500 XP to Add a Pokémon to your Pokédex
  10. 500 XP to Daily Catch Streak (Days 1-6)
  11. 2000 XP for Daily Catch Streak (Day 7)

Spinning Gyms and PokéStops

  1. 50 XP to Spin a PokéStop
  2. 100 XP to Spin 10th PokéStop in a row
  3. 250 XP to Spin a PokéStop first time
  4. 500 XP to Spin 10th PokéStop first time in a row
  5. 25 XP to Spin a rival Gym (Basic)
  6. 50 XP to Spin a rival Gym (Bronze)
  7. 75 XP to Spin a rival Gym (Silver)
  8. 100 XP to Spin a rival Gym (Gold)
  9. 31 XP to Spin a friendly Gym (Basic)
  10. 63 XP to Spin a friendly Gym (Bronze)
  11. 94 XP to Spin a friendly Gym (Silver)
  12. 125 XP to Spin a friendly Gym (Gold)
  13. 500 XP for Daily Spin Streak (Days 1-6)
  14. 2000 XP for Daily Spin Streak (Day 7)

Hatching Pokémon

  1. 200 XP to Hatch a 2K egg
  2. 500 XP to Hatch a 5K egg
  3. 1000 XP to Hatch a 10K egg
  4. 500 XP to Add a Pokémon to your Pokédex

Evolving Pokémon

  1. 500 XP to Evolve a Pokémon
  2. 500 XP to Add a Pokémon to your Pokédex

Battling Gyms and Raids

  1. 25 XP to Feed a berry to a friendly Pokémon
  2. 100 XP to Beat a Gym defender
  3. 25 XP to Beat all Gym defenders
  4. 3000 XP to Beat a Raid Boss
  5. 10,000 XP to Beat a Legendary Raid Boss


  1. 200 XP for Sending a Gift
  2. 3,000 XP to Become a Good Friend
  3. 10,000 XP to Become a Great Friend
  4. 50,000 XP to Become an Ultra Friend
  5. 100,000 XP to Become a Best Friend

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