Pokemon GO: Tips To Obtain Magnezone

Niantic has been introducing a number of new and exciting events for the Pokemon GO fans and the month of May has been full of such awesome events. In addition to such events like recent Community Day for May and Field Research, trainers can also access to some of the newly added Pokemon and evolve them to a much more robust level by using a new Lure Module item.

Beating all odds, Pokemon trainers are quite thrilled to witness Magnezone, which is an electric cum steel type Pokemon and can prove to be tremendously effective against Water, Fairy, and Flying type pokemon. And interestingly enough the gen one Magneton cannot be evolved into Magnezone using the Sinnoh Stone.

Rather than using a Sinnoh Stone on Magneton, trainers will have to utilize the newly introduced Lure Magnetron to evolve Magneton into Magnezone which is an incredibly electrifying Pokemon that can deal an absolutely insane amount of damage essentially to Water-type Pokemon.

With the new update to the Pokemon GO title, some exciting new creatures have entered the realm of Pokemon Go with three different Lure Module types to attract various different Pokemon. In addition, players can also evolve some specific Pokemon by using Lure Module item.

Trainers who are looking forward to evolving their Magneton into Magnezone will require to obtain the necessary Lure Module item. The Lure Module comes in three different types and can be obtained from the in-game shop for 200 coins. Players who don’t have sufficient coins stored can purchase them from the shop by paying real money or win them as rewards by defending a Pokemon gym for Four days.

Surely defending a gym for four entire days would require some extremely powerful Pokemon on your side; still, the reward for such effort is worth trying as trainers can gain an extremely powerful electric type Magnezone in return.

Once a player manages to gain a Magnetic Lure Module, the next thing that the players will require to do is search for a Pokestop where they will be able to activate the Magnetic Lure Module. After activating the Lure Module players will have to get to the spinning distance to the Pokestop which would enable players to evolve their caught Magneton into Magnezone as long as they have at least 100 Magnemite candy.

Players can even evolve Eevee into Glaceon and Leafeon by simply using the newly added Lure Module. So the new update has really included some exciting new content and Pokemon for fans to experience in the title and would be interesting to observe what more does the team of developers at Niantic are planning for future. Until then players can explore and enjoy new additions to the hit mobile AR title Pokemon GO.

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