Pokémon Go: What is Orange Incense

The imposed lockdown due to severe pandemic has led everyone to dwell at their homes. However, it is unable to stop the gamers of Pokémon Go. Recently, the event of Sinnoh Throwback Challenge has arrived in Pokémon Go, and we all know that for some time, the incense of various items alters from green to orange. The change in the incense of the items usually helps the gamers to lure more Pokémons towards them. In this article, we are going to provide all the necessary information that is available on Orange Incense to the gamers. If you are intended to know about them, then read the below-written workaround thoroughly.

Pokémon Go

What is Orange Incense

The intentions of Nintendo before the Orange Incense are to notify the gamers that all Pokémons that are relevant to the on-going event can be attracted using it. The gamers are more likely to encounter all those Pokémons during the event using the Incense items. The gamers who are interested in catching the Shiny Pokémon can avail of the Incense days to catch them. Although, there will be no pop-up notifications on the display or an alarm that will notify the gamers about incense items.

The gamers need to keep on using items to check whether the Incense days appear or not. The Incense days are about to be continued for seven days and each day signifies various types of Pokémon such as the last day is indicating the Dark and the water-type Pokémon. The gamers have to be aware during the event to know about the Incense days alongside the type -f Pokémons that are linked to it. However, there is no proclamation yet about any Incense days in the Sinnoh Throwback Challenge event. It is highly anticipated by the gamers that before June there will be no Incense days in Pokémon Go. The last one appeared on May 17 and let us all wait to see when the next one arrives.



Nintendo is handling the affairs of Pokémon Go quite well even during the worst days for AR video games. Although Nintendo has tried providing the option of playing Pokémon Go inside the house, gamers didn’t like it at all. Thus, they have to alter it to the outside world again. However, we don’t have any idea if it is either good or bad, but we can say one thing that the game is still in demand. We wish that this article will help the gamers in knowing about the Orange Incense aspect of the Pokémon Go.


The gamers who are keen to play Pokémon Go can obtain its gaming experience on any iOS and Android devices.

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