Pokemon Sword And Shield Could be Launched During The Upcoming E3

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set for the launch on Nintendo Switch gaming console and was expected to release somewhere down the end of 2019, but contradicting all odds, there’s still no confirmed date revealed for the said title until yet.

Still, various gaming experts and Pokemon community members are speculating the launch for the Pokemon Sword and Shield could be possibly occurring during the upcoming E3 event which is set for June 2019.

It is currently assured that Nintendo would be presenting a Switch Direct Presentation during 2019 E3 which is set for 11th June 2019 at 9 am PT. The said Nintendo Switch Direct Presentation would showcase some of the Switch gaming titles that would be published for 2019.

As Nintendo declared the existence of Pokemon Sword and Shield as early as in February which understandably hints on the launch of the said title during the upcoming E3 event in June. Nintendo presented the Pokemon Sword and Shield teaser in early February, and it is quite possible that the title has been completely developed and now is set to launch during the grand E3 event.

Many experts have also pointed towards the possibility of Nintendo revealing a lunch window for the anticipated Pokemon Sword and Shield title and not actually launch the game during the E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation.

Currently, it is really hard to undermine the precise launch date for the Pokemon Sword and Shield title due to insufficient details and information associated to the new Pokemon game still by reviewing the current theories and speculations it is quite possible that the Pokemon Sword and Shield may release somewhere around November 15th to November 20th.

A recent leak by a data miner has pointed out that the said Pokemon title is quite likely to release in the month of November and current excitement and hype amongst the fans suggest that the most likely launch date for Pokemon Sword and Shield would be November 15th.

Moreover, November 15th lies on Friday which Nintendo prefers to release their games on, so it also adds to the support for the floating theory. Even the Pokemon Let’s Go series was released on November 16th, 2018, so keeping this in mind Niantic may introduce the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield on November 15th, 2019 to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Pokemon Let’s GO series.

In addition, the date of release for other Nintendo Switch games is also pointing towards the November as the optimal launch window for Pokemon Sword and Shield. If undermining the leaked information to be true Animal Crossing title could be launched during the coming September, Luigi’s Mansion 3 title could be introduced in October and the Pokemon Sword and Shield title could be added in the month of November.

As Nintendo has a past record of revealing a new game each month, it could be entirely possible that the leaked information could be accurate and the new Pokemon game could be accessed in the upcoming November. Let’s see what Nintendo has planned for its users as it is believed that Nintendo may introduce some fresh new titles and hardware for its users in the coming E3 2019.

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