Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Change the Uniform

Customizing the characters in Pokemon games is a new trend. Throughout the generations, Pokemon games have improved, and developers have added a lot of things that trainers appreciate now. From setting up the character’s name to customizing the uniforms, things have become so much better. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players are allowed to customize their characters by changing their uniforms. Pokemon Sword and Shield are currently the only game that offers some latest features and new Generation Pokemon.

If you have never played this game, you should know that Pokemon Sword and Shield allows players to change the characters’ clothing during their adventure. The process of changing clothes is pretty simple. So if you are not aware of the process, here is the easy guide for you.

How to Change Uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Players can change the gym uniforms, and the process is the same as it sounds like. To obtain the gym dresses, first, you have to defeat the gym trainer. Once you defeat the gym trainer, you’ll get the gym uniform. You can obtain only one gym uniform from a single type of gym. So you have to defeat different types of gyms to obtain a variety of gym uniforms.

If you don’t prefer the gym defeating process, you can choose the alternative option. In the game, you’re allowed to purchase the clothes as well. You have to spend 18,000 Watts on the shop to buy the uniform. Indeed, the amount is slightly larger than usual, but you can obtain the uniform of those gyms that haven’t visited yet through this process.

Once you unlock or purchase the uniform, you can’t change it whenever you want. The process of changing clothes is slightly different. To change the clothes, you have to visit the shop where you purchased the uniform. There you need to enter the changing room to put on the latest uniform you obtained. You’ll see many more options like changing jackets, tops, hats, backpacks, pants, socks, and many more things in the following section.

There you’ll find some accessories as well. The accessories play a major role while customizing the characters, and developers keep changing the accessories according to the events. However, if you simply want to put on the complete set of gym uniforms, navigate to the right tab. In the following menu tab, you’ll find the gym leader outfit to wear.

Pokemon Sword and Shield adds new outfits according to events or any other updates. These uniforms give a fresh new look to characters. However, these gym trainer outfits’ only drawback is that they do not show up during the gym challenge. In these following events, the game will present the character in a white outfit.


Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the highly praised and highly anticipated games among all the Pokemon games. Game Boy has improved many things in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and their upcoming Crown Tundra DLC expansion will make the game more interesting.

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