Pokémon Sword and Shield: Top 5 Underrated Pokémon that Need to be Trained

Pokémon Sword and Shield have multiple underrated Pokémon that need to be on the spotlight. In the world of Pokémon, several types of Pokémon exist. You will find that every Pokémon has some speciality that makes it different from others. However, players usually judge a Pokémon as per their attacks and strength, which is not the right thing. “Lucario” and “Greninja” are among the top favorite Pokémon.

There is no doubt that players don’t use some of the Pokémon after unlocking them. Some Pokémon don’t get the right treatment, and in this condition, it’s necessary to put some spotlight on truly deserving Pokémon. There is a list of 5 underrated Pokémon that need to be trained.


Dubwool is a fan favourite Pokémon with great skills. During the release, Dubwool received great love from fans, but after the evolution, the popularity came down. Dubwool may have a lack of moves because it’s a Normal-type Pokémon. However, if players perfectly use Baton Pass, Thunder Wave, Body Press, and Cotton Guard, they can create a strong defensive wall.


Perrserker is an evolution of “Galarian Meowth” that has some amazing Steel-type moves. From first glance, this Pokémon looks decent but not very powerful. However, its speed and signature Steel-type moves increase its durability. On the battlefield, Perrserker can be used for both offensive and defensive ways. Its Steel-type moves increase the damage by 50%, which is a great sign. Players don’t always have to pick Perrserker for attacking, but it is also great for a support purpose as well.e.


Galarian Yamask will always exist in the shadow of its actual form, “Cofarigus.” Both the Pokémon has a similar ability and stats, but it’s better than Cofarigus. Runerigus also has a bonus for secondary moves. But its offensive move deals more damage.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is a popular Pokémon, but trainers usually don’t use it. The design of Galarian Mr. Mime is creepier than its original form. Apart from its horrifying design, Galarian Mr. Mime has a huge boost from the Eviolite. Its super move “Screen Cleaner” makes the opponent use the Gigantamax, and Grimmsnarl Lapras moves and drastically reduces their defense.


Like Mr. Mime, Corsola also gets a huge boost from Eviolite, but it’s more annoying during the execution time. Its following moves Will-o-Wisp, NightShade, Destiny Bond, and Strength Sap movesets can frustrate any opponent.

The world of Pokémon is filled with several mysterious Pokémon and their moves. The above-mentioned Pokémon have some cool abilities that can easily tear down the enemy.

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