Pokémon Sword & Shield: How to Find and Catch Igglybuff

Pokemon Sword and Shield has come a long way. Nowadays, gamers are keen as well as busy in finding all the new Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield that have arrived through Isle of Armor DLC. Although there are over 200 hundred new Pokemons updated in this game; however, in this article, we are going to discuss only one of them; Igglybuff. Players who are willing to find and catch Igglybuff in Pokemon Sword and Shield should read on.

Where to Find and Catch Igglybuff in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Before heading further, let us first brief our gamers about Igglybuff a bit. It is a pre-evolved form of Jigglypuff, the Pokemon that sings in the famous anime series of Pokemon franchise. Unfortunately, there is no Jigglypuff available in the Galar world of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Thus, gamers want to catch Igglybuff, so that they can evolve it into Jigglypuff through breeding. Moving onto the subsequent process, players try to find Igglybuff in the grassy areas because, in such an environment, it has a spawn rate of 16%. Precisely, the ideal place for locating Igglybuff is Fields of Honor. In this place, Igglybuff has a spawn rate of 32%, and in addition to this, players need to know that they can find it here in any weather condition.

Additionally, there are several more places where gamers can find Igglybuff such as Forest of Focus, Soothing Wetlands and Challenge Beach. Once players have successfully found an Igglybuff, then they must head near it and try to conduct a fight with any of their potent Pokemon. They also need to know that its singing skill can put anyone to sleep; thus, they must instantly execute an attack on Igglybuff. Afterwards, players need to know ways to breed it, so that they can get Jigglypuff.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, things have changed quite a lot after the DLC expansion; thus, the breeding aspects have been altered too. So, the new ways of breeding suggest that gamers must take their Igglybuff to Route 5, where there is a Pokemon Nursery; the ideal place for Pokemon breeding. The second place is Bridge Field, where players will find another Pokemon Nursery; however, this one is quite small in comparison to the one in Route 5.

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