Pokemon: UK-Inspired Galar Region Introduced

The long wait of Pokemon fans has finally come to an end as the Pokemon Company revealed a first look at the official trailer for Pokemon Swards and Pokemon Shield.

Nintendo Switch users are quite excited with this latest update and are looking forward to experiencing the eighth generation of Pokemon on their Switch devices. Moreover, players are hyped to explore the new Galar region which would reflect some essence of the United Kingdom.

This new Galar region would have beautiful landscapes with mesmerizing hills and open industrial city. The new map for the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield was revealed in the official trailer, and the developers personally introduced the map for players to undermine what adventures are hidden for players in the map.


The map showcased appears to be a peninsula or an island which resembles various old school RPG games but with very high end detailed graphics. Also, the map resembles a sword within a shield and complements the title very well.

In the initial stage of the game, players will start from the south point of the map which consists of minor township and houses, and eventually, as the trainer’s progress in the game, they will have to head to the north of the map.

While heading towards the north players will experience bigger towns and various mysterious locations which have high possibilities of finding rare Pokemon.

In comparison to Alola islands in Pokemon Sun and Moon which was quite beautiful but was very congested for players to explore, Pokemon Sword and Shield is very open and provides plenty of locations for players to explore.

Also, the vast countryside will rejuvenate trainers with memories of previous generations of the Pokemon series with resembling forest cover and open fields.

Although no such official confirmation is made by the developers to include UK touch to the game, still by reviewing the locations and various map places it seems to resemble the real places in the United Kingdom.

The city at the north resembles a lot with the actual city of London as there is also a Big Ben clock tower and the Eye of London Ferris wheel so it would not be wrong to consider the theme to be related to the United Kingdom.

Also, the red and white color of the watchtower also confirms this theory, so let’s see what more similarities will the trainers spot in this upcoming title which is expected to be launched late in 2019.

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