Polyester straps Market : Key Players, Trends, And Forecast

Manufacturers are continuously looking for better packaging solutions which reflect versatile characteristics such as sustainability, cost efficient nature, firmness and safety. In the past, steel straps were used for wrapping of products and commodities, however, they posed limitations such as corrosion and damage. Steel straps tend to damage the goods they wrap causing unnecessary wastage. Moreover, due to moisture, they used to develop rust, which after the piercing of the goods, caused quality adulteration and contamination owing to the reactions taking place. Polyester straps do not possess such problems, and they are used to wrap steel bars, iron bars, coils, pipes, crates, cables etc. These polyester straps offer both safety and effective packaging solutions and the products can be unwrapped with minimal effort after unloading. The weight of the polyester straps is less as compared to steel straps; this helps in better transportation of the goods and products. Also, polyester straps do not develop rust, unlike steel, and hence can be used multiple times as a sustainable packaging solution and they are used till their strength wears off (which takes lot of time and hence can be used several times). Polyester straps are made from two materials, either PP (polypropylene) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate).

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Polyester Straps Market: Applications in Several Industries and End Uses

Polyester straps are used in various industries such as ceramics, glass, textile, paper, steel and iron, leather etc. They are also used in building material and palletisation which includes bottles and cartons wrapping. They find use in wrapping roofing tiles, timber, plaster bonds, plywood etc. They also find applications in the food and beverage industry which include their uses in the breweries, mineral water, soft drinks, dairy, juices, meat and poultry products and other beverage distribution centers.

Polyester Straps Market: Dynamics Influencers and Growth Propellers

Polyester straps are used widely in several industries as they provide efficient wrapping solutions. Moreover, there is increasing demand for timber, metal rods, iron, cables, textile products etc., which is used in manufacturing sector and in the end user applications. These products need to get transported without compromising the quality of the products and this is where polyester straps come into play. The more the demand, the more will the transportation activities and in turn more will be the demand for polyester straps. This has a good influence over the polyester straps market. To add to the factors fuelling the growth of the polyester straps market, polyester material such as polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate offer better resistance to shock and vibrations, they do not develop rust, they are light in weight, they are less costly as compared to steel and they offer heat sealable properties. All these aspects drive the usage of polyester straps in different industries thereby contributing to the global polyester straps market. However, remnant wrapping can have a negative influence on the growth of the polyester straps market to a certain extent.

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Polyester Straps Market: Regional Outlook

The regions of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world are included in the regional analysis done on the global polyester straps market. APAC (Asia Pacific) seems to be experiencing growing demand for polyester straps. Europe, being a leading producer of ceramic products and glass also shows good growth potential for the polyester straps market after Asia Pacific. North America and rest of the world which includes Middle East and Africa show steady and slow growth respectively in the global polyester straps market.

Polyester Straps Market: Competitive Analysis

The key companies involved in the polyester straps market involve are North Shore Strapping Inc., Signor Polymers Pvt. Ltd., S and K Packaging Industries, Auto Strap India, Ruparel Polystrap Pvt. Ltd., Consent LLC., Linder GmbH, Plastic Extruders ltd., Narrowtex Pty, Samuel Strapping and Trinity Group.

ven regions namely North America, Western Europe, Asia-pacific except Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle-east and Africa, and Japan. Overall the outlook for the global bliss-box former machines is expected to witness positive growth over the forecast period on the backdrop of rapid growth of manufacturing and other industrial sectors.

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Bliss Box Machine: Key Players

Some of the key players of bliss box former machine are

  • Henkel Canada,
  • Ipak Machinery,
  • Maxco Packaging,
  • Wexxar Packaging Inc,
  • Moen Industries,
  • Pearson, SWF,
  • WE Plemons,
  • Marq Packaging.

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