Polyurethane Insulation Seamless Tube

As a thermal insulation tube, seamless steel pipe has been praised by many users. It has been rapidly developed in the market as a kind of thermal insulation material because of its unique performance advantage. The pipe insulation material made of polyurethane foam is the product of cold and high efficiency, waterproof and anticorrosive high strength, long life withstand voltage and shock resistance, and convenient construction and application.

For example: polyurethane direct buried insulation pipe, prefabricated direct buried insulation pipe, galvanized steel pipe,steel sleeve steel steam insulation pipe, insulated glass fiber reinforced plastic yarn winding pipe. These are polyurethane insulation tubes made of polyurethane foam as insulation layer. They not only have unparalleled energy-saving effect, but also have sealing and waterproofing effect, which makes the pipeline insulation longer, safe and economical. It is a pipe insulation material suitable for all kinds of medium transportation. It is also the most ideal green pipe insulation material under the trend of energy saving! Polyurethane insulation pipe is widely used in various transportations such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas, hot water, etc. Energy conservation makes outstanding contributions.

What is the reason for the decline in the life of directly buried polyurethane insulation pipes? Today, I ‘m here to sort out the reasons for the decline in the life of the insulation pipe.

1. The interface is not properly handled. When installing the pipeline, the two pipes connected to each other are not tightly welded, or the external sewage that is not seriously caused by the operation in the process of “filling the mouth” penetrates into the insulation layer.

2. The plastic and rigid polyurethane insulation pipe materials used are unreasonable. If it is often found that the secondary recycled plastic is sorted and disordered, the plastic pipe after extrusion molding cannot be sufficiently plasticized to deteriorate the outer pipe. The low density of the insulation pipe results in low strength and is damaged during handling. In addition, when the free acid index contained in the system is too high, it will cause some corrosion to the outer wall of the steel pipe.

3. The insulation layer is off center, that is, the insulation layer of the direct-buried polyurethane insulation pipe and the center of the steel pipe are not at one point, and the thickness of the insulation layer is uneven. If it is serious, the outer plastic may be softened and easily damaged.

4. Improper use and damage, easy to be damaged during transportation and installation, the depth of the ground is not enough after the buried or the upper soil and road is too soft, resulting in damage to the load of the vehicle after crushing.

The polyurethane insulation tube is formed by chemical reaction of high-performance polyether polyol composition and multiple methyl polyphenyl polyisocyanate as raw materials. The performance of polyurethane insulation pipe has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, anti-corrosion, non-absorption, simple and quick construction.

There are no special requirements during construction, and the operation is relatively simple. In addition, the polyurethane insulation pipe has less land occupation and quick construction, and does not release harmful substances into the air, which is conducive to environmental protection. The price is economical, the project cost is reduced, the heat loss is low, and energy is saved. Moreover, it has good anti-corrosion, insulation and long service life.

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