Pool Pump Maintenance Tips:

When the heat hits, the pool becomes one of our favorite spaces, both for those looking to have a fun time and for those who find a good moment to relax.

But it doesn’t take care of herself. There are various maintenance activities for swimming pools that must be carried out so that the water is crystal clear and respectful of the skin, not only for an aesthetic matter and to make the bathroom as pleasant as possible, but also for a health issue. So if you want to maintain a Hayward Ecostar pump, this guide will be helpful.

Detect when the pool pump is failing:

There are aspects that must be taken into account weekly during the bathing season to ensure the good maintenance of the purifier, basic to clean the impurities from the water and that we bathe safely.

Special attention should be paid to the variable speed pump which circulates the water so that it passes through the filter and returns to the pool and the cleaning of the pool filter which retains the remains of dirt and impurities.

The Pentair variable speed pump will play an important role in ensuring that the water is renewed and purified, so we cannot worry.

During the bathing season, the Pentair Superflo pump must be kept running every day to purify and renew the water.

If there is a problem with the pool cleaning pump, it must be solved urgently. Below, we explain some of the problems that may occur more frequently:

If the pump does not suck: it may be due to the poor condition of a component or to the breakage or fissure of a pipe.

If the pump does not drive as it should: the cause may be in an impeller fissure, or in a jam in the skimmers or in the pump pre-filter.

When the pump is turned off or directly, it does not start: In the first case, it may be due to an electrical failure and in the second, to overheating due to a jam or due to being located in an area that is too sunny and without any cooling.

If air enters the pool pump: it may be because the mechanical seal is damaged.

If the motor crashes and makes loud noises: in these cases, the cause may be the ingress of water. It is important not to try to start the engine and call a specialist.

In some cases, if the repair cost is too high or the pump has a fault that is difficult to fix, it may be better to purchase a new pump. In our store, you will find a wide selection with the best brands on the market.





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