Pool Season Is Practically Here—Stock Up on the Essentials

If you’re like most of us, you’re tired of waiting. If it’s warm enough to step outside without a coat, then it’s warm enough to lounge by the pool. While it might not be 100% possible just yet for some of us, in many parts of the country, the temps are about ready to creep into the 80s.

So, with the cold winter behind us and pool season practically here, make sure you gather the essentials that will have you set for the entire pool season (which hopefully never ends).

Arrive in Style

How many times have you been stuck juggling drinks, sunblock, and flip flops all while stopping to pick up the towel that just won’t stay slung across your shoulders? Well, this pool season is going to be different. Finding a cute tote bag for your stuff is a must for looking like you have it all put together poolside. Shop for fun, quirky, and cute tote bags that fit the mood.

Stay Frosty

Warm weather and a cold drink are the go-to match made in heaven combo of the season, but if your drinks aren’t as cool as you, you’re missing a crucial part of the equation. You can’t always count on your buddies to have room in their cooler, so maybe it’s time to take the next step in adulthood and find your own cooler bag. Look for one that is leak proof and comes in a funky print that will make everyone else wish they had one. Pair the cooler bag with a vacuum sealed tumbler with an equally creative design and your drinks will not only be ice cold but you’ll look pretty cool drinking them too.

Something for Your Secret Stash

If you’re going to a pool party, it’s a practical guarantee that an Instagram selfie with your pals is inevitable. Touching up your makeup after a dip is a must, so a few of your essentials for that minimalist springtime look are likely to come along for the ride.

Want to know a little secret? You don’t need to go out and splurge on some fancy makeup bag to keep your essential poolside makeup tools safe. Make a statement and opt for something unique like a cute pencil pouch made of waterproof vinyl that doubles as a storage bag for all of your tiny essentials. Look for loud and flashy prints like confetti or floral designs to fit the aesthetic and complete your poolside accessory lineup.

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