Poor Teaching Makes Mathematics A Challenge

Are you struggling to make your students understand the magic of numbers? Are most children finding it difficult to learn and understand math? You must understand the simple fact math is a tough subject due to poor teaching methods and not because it is difficult.

Let’s explore the various teaching ways that are turning out to be a significant reason for taking students downhill. You can also find suggestions to combat these poor teaching methods and make math learning an interesting journey for all the students.

Poor teaching methods – how to combat those?

• Lack of advanced technology: With the advancement of technology, it is significant to introduce it into teaching methods. You cannot tutor your kid about math with the ancient methods and expect to see positive results. If the use of computers and mobile devices helps make the process of learning maths a fun exercise, then why not!
• Restricting to books: Take the students outside the classroom and introduce the fact that math does not restrict to their textbooks. Shopping experiences, measuring the distance between two places, converting the units, and using the scales are examples to bring the children out of textbook mode and teach the practice use of math.
• Zero motivation: Everybody requires and seeks motivation. Encouragement is the driving force to practice, perfection and success. You cannot expect anyone to practice and put more effort in absence of motivation. Always encourage the students whether they perform brilliant, average, or below expectations.
• Logical reasoning missing: Many kids find mathematics a complicated subject because of the lack of any logical reasoning approach. Numbers have logic – every time. You can never say 2+2=5. It will always be 4. Even in word problems and geometry, there is a huge amount of logic required.

Let the child understand the logic behind every formula, calculation, and conversion to reach a reasoning solution rather than mugging the logic and solving it.

• Poor teachers: Mathematics is a magical subject. So, just like a magician makes the show interesting, you also turn math logic into an interesting route to learning. Unfortunately, many teachers don’t understand this and thus end up being strict with the students. The teachers must have experience and qualifications to handle all types of students and every math problem.

A combined effort is the best solution to any problem. Math is not different if the students and teachers work together in a team with the help of the right resources, math is interesting and easy. Unlike any other subject, mathematics requires a proper understanding of the procedures and practice to do it right. Hence, many teachers say that inattention and reluctance are two of the crucial reasons found in children that lead to difficulty learning the subject. The thing is teachers need to understand that all children are the same. To make the process fun and approachable, teachers and children have to work together to make it a simple and enjoyable process for both.

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