Popular Formats of Poker Tournaments

For those of us feasting on choices, poker brings a variety in flavour like no other sport or card game. Poker has evolved differently across all regions globally, given its history that dates back to the 13th century. By offering its participants with so much variety, one must wonder how to put all of it to test. This is where cash games and poker tournaments come into perspective.


Regardless of the poker variant, you pick and champion, you can contend with it either in cash games or tournaments. Cash games are the safer option, while tournaments have a reputation for being home to those who wish to live off poker. Cash games are shorter for you as a player since you can encash your chips for real money and leave the table as and when you please.


Tournaments in poker do not end until one player has all of the chips at the table. Everyone else who finishes at the top of the table is paid as per their position. Generally, the more serious players tend to play tournaments over cash games for the simple fact that it garners more money. However, there are a few different types of tournaments in poker for you to choose from. Here are a few of those.


Multi-table Tournaments (MTTs)


MTTs are the most popular of all poker tournaments online. An MTT game can accommodate thousands of players at once since it is played across multiple tables, as the name suggests. These sessions can be lengthy and stretch across several hours. The game continues until all tables are eliminated where those remaining play at a final table to crown an ultimate winner. Winning an MTT requires patience, skill, and experience.


Sit-N-Go Tournaments (SNGs)


Most poker players are those who play for casual fun during their free time. They might not be up for several long and demanding hours before a screen. Some look to slide in whenever they can, make some money, have a good time, and bounce out. For them, SNGs are presented wherein the games begin as soon as the minimum number of players are available. These are fast-paced games that have low-stakes and end quickly. Once eliminated, you can move to another SNG, so it is suitable for those on the fly.


Freeroll Tournaments


The perfect training room for newbies, freeroll tournaments are ideal for those with no prior competitive experience at the table. These are used as promotional tools by online poker platforms to lure more new players while giving existing participants a break. You can practice all your poker plans during a freeroll game, be it flop poker strategies or bluffing. Since it is a freeroll, you do not have to pay a dime. The poker room sponsors the prize. All you must do is show up and compete. Your opponents are likely to be amateur players, so if you play the game with some seriousness, you can win big.




Picking the right tournament format that suits you best is your first step toward having a good time in poker. Starting with freerolls and then moving on to SNGs or MTTs would be a good idea.

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