Popular manufacturers of facial massagers

Smoothly moving face massagers provide stability in pressure. They are less likely to cause friction and do not pull the skin unreasonably, so they can be used with confidence. On the other hand, be careful when choosing rollers with rubber or other decorations on the rollers, as they may catch on the skin and cause friction.

Here we will introduce the popular manufacturers of facial rollers, Refa, Ya-Man, and L&L Skin.


The 360° multi-angle roller wrapped in platinum shine fits every undulation of the face and body. The double drainage, which recreates the professional “kneading” technique, pinches and flushes the skin to help tighten delicate female skin beautifully. The solar panel on the handle captures light and generates a weak electric current, “microcurrent”.

YA-MAN Facial Roller WAVYmini

By rolling it over your problem areas for 10 minutes every day, you can easily treat your flesh. WAVY, which replicates the hand care of an esthetician, pinches and flushes the areas of concern. It uses a unique roller that gives you a completely different experience depending on the angle and direction you slide the roller. It also uses a wider frequency range than conventional EMS.

KAKUSAN Beauty Roller

This is a beauty roller that does not need to be recharged, as it takes in light from the solar panel on the handle and generates a weak current called “microcurrent”. The diamond-cut 3D design creates multiple pressure spots to gently tighten the delicate skin of women. It also pinches up unwanted body flesh, leading to a slimmer neck and slimmer arms and waist.

VILIYA Facial Roller

The VILIYA Facial Roller is popular for its smooth roller motion that follows the curves of the skin to tighten. It is very convenient because it can be used on more than just bare skin, such as with makeup on, creams applied, or masks on. You can focus on the areas of concern with a point and gently care for them, so there will be less stress on your skin.

L&L SKin MIO2 Facial massager.

MIO2 Facial massager, the uniquely designed body with frog streamline is easy to grip, and the compact size with IPX6 waterproof design makes it easy to maintain anytime, anywhere. The body is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and hygienic use.

Bess Liftage Far Infrared Roller

If you want to try a roller before using a full-fledged facial roller, the Bess Liftage Far Infrared Roller is useful. Since it is not made of metal, it can be used in the bath, and the rubber part of the roller contains natural mineral ores, making it ideal for those who want to be particular about the materials. The price is modest, and it’s perfect for trying.

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