Popular Real Estate Companies in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is known to have some of the best companies in India as they have their main headquarters or offices in the city. The city reeks of commercial and corporate setups apart from its vast availability of residential properties. Therefore, this triggers real estate firms in Gurgaon to make large investments. Ever since DLF took the responsibility for the development of the city, there has been a consistent rise in the growth of the realty sector. Right from residential to commercial properties, the city has seen unparalleled growth in the last few decades. In fact, the real estate developers in Gurgaon have grabbed every opportunity to construct buildings that give a new meaning to the architectural beauty of today’s world.

Gurgaon real estate

Since the real estate scenario in Gurgaon is so lucrative, it is only fair that real estate companies find the city to be the ideal spot for the development of properties. Since the city has many top establishments, Multinational Companies, and IT companies, there is always a rising demand for commercial and residential spaces in the Gurgaon real estate market. Gurgaon’s proximity to the NCR and the airport plays a significant role in this. The variety of housing complexes and residential areas motivate the people to choose Gurgaon as their home destination. To help you out, some of the well-known Real Estate Companies in Gurgaon are mentioned below.

DLF Group – Over the past couple of years, DLF has managed to bag one of the leading spots amidst the top developers in the country. For the past six decades, DLF has played a crucial role in properties across metropolitan cities and other urban areas. Presently, it is focusing on making a strong foothold in the vertical and lateral segments of the realty market.

Vatika Group – Vatika Group has been around for more than fifteen years now, and in these years, the group has focused on its mission of bringing in real estate properties that have truly had an impact on people. Vatika has been successful in building some great infrastructure in segments like residential, retail, and even commercial.

Experion Developers – The Experion Developers, Gurgaon, are funded by Experion Holdings Pte. Ltd. and they try in fostering great experiences through the properties they build. It has been developing townships, commercial spaces, retail spaces, resorts, group-housing projects, etc. They have established a position for themselves across various locations in India.

Unitech – Unitech is considered to be one of the biggest real estate developers in India, with an estimated value of around US$ 5 billion. This particular developer is quite active in Delhi and is well-known for projects such as South City, Cascade, Nirvana Country, etc.

The above-mentioned companies are only a few of the many in Gurgaon. The city is full of many reputed developers and builders and continues to come up with new projects every day. Be sure to seek professional help if you are interested in this sector because if you are unaware, it is quite possible that you might get tricked. These investments are big and therefore, being aware and alert is necessary to land the best deal!

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