Portable Lithium Power Station Market Competitive Landscape Report to 2028

Portable Lithium Power Station Industry Overview

The global portable lithium power station market size is expected to reach USD 282.0 million by 2028, according to a new study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 13.2% from 2021 to 2028. With the improvement in battery technology, coupled with the increasing demand for portable power packs from the consumer electronics sector for powering notebooks, mobiles, tablets, and other smart devices, the demand for portable lithium power stations is anticipated to grow over the forecast period. Additionally, the rising demand for portable lithium power stations in a variety of application areas, including automotive, off-grid, and emergency power, is expected to create significant opportunities for the vendors operating in the market over the forecast period.

U.S. portable lithium power station market size, by type, 2016 - 2028 (USD Million)

Portable Lithium Power Station Market Segmentation

Grand View Research has segmented the global portable lithium power station market based on type, capacity, sales channel, application, end use, and region:

Based on the Type Insights, the market is segmented into Direct Power and Solar Power.

  • The direct power segment dominated the market with a share of over 60.0% in 2020. Direct power accomplishes the unidirectional flow of an electric current and is generally grid-connected power. A portable lithium power station can be charged from an automotive battery by plugging it into a vehicle’s 12V outlet that provides a DC supply. The direct power segment is anticipated to grow at a substantial rate owing to the lower dependency on power supply mode as compared to solar-powered products.
  • Solar power can easily be used at off-grid or remote locations where access to direct power is complicated. Moreover, the future growth of solar-powered portable lithium power stations is attributed to the growing demand for inexpensive ways of powering several electronic devices.

Based on the Capacity Insights, the market is segmented into Less Than 500 WH, 500 WH to 999 WH, 1,000 WH to 1,499 WH, 1,500 WH and Above.

  • The less than 500 Wh segment dominated the market with a share of over 55.0% in 2020. These power stations are mainly used for charging small and medium-sized devices, such as smartphones and laptops, and are suitable for charging devices only for shorter durations. The growth of the segment can also be attributed to the easy to carry and compact design of less than 500 Wh portable lithium power station.
  • The 1,000 Wh to 1,499 Wh portable lithium power stations are used to charge large-sized devices and equipment along with multiple smaller devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and POV cameras. This type of charging equipment provides extra hours of operations and charges various devices such as 32” LCD TV, POV cameras, and light-a-life.

Based on the Sales Channel Insights, the market is segmented into E-commerce and Brick & Mortar.

  • The e-commerce segment dominated the market with a share of over 58.0% in 2020. The increasing penetration of the internet and growth in online sales is likely to boost the segment growth. In 2019, internet penetration was recorded at around 95% across North America, which is likely to increase in the coming years. These factors are anticipated to accelerate the demand for e-commerce portable lithium power stations over the forecast period.

Based on the Application Insights, the market is segmented into Emergency Power, Off-grid, Automotive.

  • The emergency power segment dominated the market with a share of over 58.0% in 2020. The segment comprises emergency charging of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, during grid blackouts and power outages. Increased power outages resulting from extreme conditions such as earthquakes, storms, and lightning drive the demand for portable lithium power stations for emergency power applications.
  • The off-grid application segment is mainly driven by increased outdoor recreational and camping activities. The off-grid application segment addresses the power requirements of recreational vehicles and campsite equipment such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, campsites, and electrical cooking equipment.

Based on the End-use Insights, the market is segmented into Residential, Commercial, Industrial.

  • The commercial segment dominated the market and held a share of over 30.0% in 2020. The residential segment accounted for the second-largest share in 2020. A portable lithium power station finds a wide range of applications in residential end uses. It is a rechargeable battery-powered generator that is widely used for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets, small appliances, mini coolers such as fans, electric blankets, and mini-fridges in the residential sector.
  • The industrial uses of the portable lithium power station are different from residential and commercial applications. Industrial portable lithium power station needs to be more robust, rugged, and capable of performing in harsh conditions. In the industrial power station category, portable lithium power stations find uses in various applications where large power stations cannot be installed. They also provide power to industrial equipment without creating noise, pollution, and fumes. Moreover, they are used for powering smaller power tools at construction sites.

Portable Lithium Power Station Regional Outlook

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)

Key Companies Profile & Market Share Insights

The industry is characterized by the presence of a large number of market vendors, among them, a few are well-established players with worldwide operations, while some of them are regional/local players catering to a limited number of customers. The presence of numerous players has resulted in higher competitiveness and a fragmented market.  

Some of the prominent players operating in the global portable lithium power station market include,

  • ALLPowers Industrial International Co., Ltd.
  • Blackfire, Inc.
  • Bluetti
  • EcoFlow
  • Goal Zero
  • Greenway Power Co. Ltd.
  • Jackery Inc.
  • Li Power (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Lion Energy
  • Midland Radio Corporation
  • Nexpow LLC
  • Suaoki
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation

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