Positive and negative effects of video games on teenagers

Do you know in this pandemic, the craze of video games has increased over the past decades? Almost every kids and teenager spend at least one-hour playing video games every day in their daily life.

Video games affect the lives of everyone, especially teenagers because this is the age where we want complete freedom and don’t want anyone’s disturbance. So today, with this article, we will check out how video games on teenagers are affected in a good or bad way.

Positive impacts:

First, we discuss the positive impacts of video games on teenagers, and they are as under:

  • Increases brain memory: As per the research done by various scientists across the world, it is proven that those teenagers who play video games have sharp memories compared with the other kids who don’t play video games. Moreover, it improves your visual processing, perception skills as well.
  • Improves eye contact coordination skills: If teenagers like to play video games, they can improve their eye coordination skills; significantly, they will improve in shooter games. You can manage time, your aim, directions in video games.
  • Improves accuracy: It helps you make the quick decision with complete accuracy, and you will get ready for an unexpected change in the future.
  • Hand movements: While playing video games, you will hold a grip on video games, leading to increased hand movements on your mouse and keyboard. Moreover, you can able to learn the shortcuts as well.
  • Problem-solving skills: Video games also play a vital role in improving problem-solving skills. In most puzzle video games, you can solve your problem quickly without taking the help of another.
  • Management skills: With the usage of video games, you can learn management skills like problem-solving, time management, use of resources in a better way, and many more things in life. You can become more flexible because you can learn to modify yourself as per the game change.
  • Reading habits: In video games, we have a text message option. If you have any doubt or queries, you can ask your friends or groups by texting them, which improves your reading habit.
  • Improves teamwork: In multiplayer video games, you have to play the video games with a team. So, you can learn team-building skills, maintaining cooperation with the team members.
  • Improves communication skills: People who aren’t able to speak English can learn English by playing online video games.
  • Can learn the latest technology: Nowadays computers are played in all fields of life. Video games are played online, which helps to understand the newest technology of the internet, and you feel more confident while using the computer.


Negative impacts:

  • Increases violence: Some video games create so much violence, which leads to aggressive behavior, as per the research. Teenagers become more aggressive if they used to play these types of games in their daily routine life.
  • Ignore reality of life: Teenagers become more dreamy and fantasy in their life, and they will not accept the fact of life quickly, which creates a lot of problems for them in the future.
  • Decreases concentration: In the research, it is proven that, yes, video games can improve the short term concentration, but on the other hand, it decreases the long term concentration, and they cannot focus on their studies properly.
  • Health issues: Playing video games for long hours leads to many health-related problems like weak eye-sight, headaches, migraine, obesity. You can eat more snacks while playing video games which increases your weight.
  • Foul language: Nowadays, video games allow chat options, whereas some teenagers use lousy language, which increases the usage of foul language among teenagers.
  • Create dispute between parents and teenagers: If teenagers spend more hours playing video games and if parents restrict them, they feel more irritated, and a lot of conflicts arise between parents and the teenagers, which leads to family disputes and the family environment getting disturbed.
  • Discourages other essential things: If teenagers like to sit in the home and want to play video games, they neglect other things like spending quality time with family.
  • Wastage of money: If you give your child pocket money, if they are addicted to video games, then they would spend their money on buying different types of games, upgrading them, and so on.
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Final verdict                                                             

In the end, we can conclude that video games can be boon to teenagers, but if it is used within the time limit, otherwise, it may have a hazardous effect on your children. Give proper attention and care to your teenagers to openly express to you what type of game they are playing.


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