Positive Habits We Could All Pick Up

We all have our habits, some better than others. Whether it’s grabbing a piece of candy from the front desk when you walk into work or cleaning your workspace every evening, sometimes we don’t even realize we have them. But did you know that they’re a force to be reckoned with when you push them in the right direction? What habits could you pick up that could get you to your goals faster and make you happier? Here are a few that are worth giving a shot!

Velox_catalog-09Replace Screens with Pages

Smartphones and computers are super cool, and most of us can’t even make it through the day or hold down a job without staring at a screen. The thing is, it’s not the best for our eyes, and we could all use a digital detox from time to time. Instead of scrolling social media before bed or binging yet another episode, try picking up that book you said you would finish months ago. Even just 20 minutes of unplugging every night is a step in the right direction. Plus, blue light from screens can keep you awake, so shutting the devices down at night could help improve your sleep. Win, win.

Keep in Touch with Friends

As we grow up, our relationships with friends we were once super tight with might start to drift. It’s nothing bad, and it happens to the best of us. Busy schedules and responsibilities can get in the way, but it’s on someone in the friendship to reach out. So why not you? Shoot your old bud a text or send them a cute card through snail mail and catch up.

Get Organized

Having a neat and tidy desk can go a long way toward being the boss you know you are. If you’re fumbling over sticky notes and old lunch receipts while you work, it might be time for a desk refresh. Find yourself some cute and colorful desk sets to keep all of your work stuff neat and tidy. It may even make it feel like you have it together, even on your most hectic days.

Laugh It Off

Work and life can be super stressful, but if we’re always walking around taking every little mistake or problem to heart, we’re just making it worse. It is true that our minds love to dig up that one cringey thing we said seven years ago in quiet moments, but we certainly don’t need any more ammunition to keep us awake. It’s good to learn to laugh at ourselves and learn to brush off the little stuff. The next time you feel like you’re stressing about something, stop for a second and look for the humor in the moment. It’s definitely there, and by giving yourself permission to brush it off, you’ll be in a new headspace and ready to tackle the next challenge.

Know When to Treat Yourself

There’s just something about that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we flex our consumer muscles and treat ourselves to something special. But often, we can feel guilty for doing it.

If the rent is current and your bills are paid, then you deserve to treat yourself. It can be something as small as a new cute pencil pouch or vanilla latte, but after doing all the awesome stuff you do, you’ve definitely earned it!

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