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Developers use the custom visuals SDK to produce custom visuals. To build original visuals from scratch, developers use JavaScript libraries like jQuery, D3, R-language scripts, etc. A custom visual is tested and debugged after it is finished. A developer packages it in a.pbiviz file and shares it within the company or uploads it to AppSource as an open-source data visualization once it is prepared and secure. Any Power BI user (author) can import the custom visual from the AppSource and use it in their report.

According to how they are used, Power BI custom visuals are typically categorized into three groups.

  • Custom visual files
  • Organizational visuals
  • Marketplace visuals

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Custom visual files

The.pbiviz files that contain the codes to run custom visuals in your Power BI app are known as custom visual files. Developers produce customized visual codes and store them in files with the.pbiviz extension. These files are downloaded by users or report creators into their systems, where they are then used in Power BI reports.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you need to make sure the custom visual you’re importing comes from a reliable source. The customized visual shouldn’t pose any security or privacy risks.


Organizational visuals

The visualizations created specifically for use within an organization are known as organizational visuals. Every organization has distinct work processes or business methods. They need tools and techniques in order to use them for their business needs.

Power BI gives users the option to design unique visuals intended solely for organizational use. To represent data trends and information that is essential to the organization, developers within the company can create specialized visualizations.

The deployment and management of the customized organizational visuals are handled by the Power BI administrator (administrator). The administrator adds a few custom visuals to the organizational visuals repository from the Power BI Admin Portal. These custom visuals are imported by users or report authors for use in Power BI Desktop. 

Marketplace visuals

Custom visuals from Microsoft and other members of the community have been reviewed and approved for use in the marketplace. These unique visuals are created and published on AppSource. By using these unique visuals, Power BI users can discover new facets of their data, which is done as a community service. We will cover how to import unique visuals from the AppSource and Marketplace in the sections that follow.

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