Powerball Adds Monday Drawing

But the lottery changed Whittaker’s life and within a handful of years, the West Virginia building contractor faced personal loss and tragedy. This write-up originally appeared in The Washington Post Magazine on Jan. 30, 2005. Powerball is held in 45 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. The Double Play add-on feature is available for acquire in 13 lottery jurisdictions, including Pennsylvania and Michigan. If you nonetheless want a ticket, don’t wait till the last minute to go to the gas station.


Winning scratch-off tickets and Rapid Play tickets can be claimed up to 90 days following the closure of the game. A list of closed games and finish-of-redemption dates can be found on this web site. Winning draw-style game tickets can be claimed up to 180 days following the drawing in which the prize was won. Save time with multidraw by playing your numbers for multiple 파워볼게임 drawings. When you claim a prize, you’ll obtain an Exchange ticket for the balance of the drawings remaining. Mark “Money Worth Option” for a single payment of the present money value of the jackpot prize.

If $600 million, the jackpot would at present involve a $376.9 million cash solution. Calls by AP to the Publix supermarket outlet in Florida exactly where the winning ticket was sold had been not answered Sunday. The winner was not instantly identified publicly and O’Connell did not give any indication just hours right after Saturday’s drawing whether or not any one had already stepped forward with that winning ticket.

Lottery officials said this is a great time to bear in mind to play for entertainment and within your suggests. “So instead of two Powerball drawings just about every week, there will now be six,” Anderson mentioned. The most essential news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every single morning.

But for now, Jack’s huge win was viewed as 1 of the greatest Christmas gifts in his poor state’s history, a holiday miracle to be heralded about the globe. Jack proclaimed that he would tithe a biblical 10 percent of his winnings, donate millions to his family’s favored pastors and make major new churches. He vowed to commence a charitable foundation to assistance needy West Virginians.

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