Practical advice for preparing Upsc exams and passing

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Below are some tips for the preparation of Upsc exams

  1. Plan the study

The first thing to do is set a reasonable schedule for the study. It will always be more productive to study a few hours many days than too many in a few days. It is not recommended to rest on the weekend, but to study fewer hours to keep up. Also collect TNPSC Study Material.


  1. Basic guidelines

The most important thing is that they learn to study by assimilating the content. But many believe that it can be achieved with just one return to the agenda. To memorize several basic guidelines must be applied. The first thing to do is make a comprehensive reading of the topic, underline the most important ideas and make diagrams, summaries or tables. It is also decisive to spend the last week reviewing the highlights. Although diagrams and summaries are made, studying always means memorizing. Another good idea is to use our visual memory as much as possible to remember each subject.

  1. Maintain attention

Being in front of the book without interest is not studying but wasting time. Studying always presupposes an intention to learn and pass. They have to choose the time of day when they have more attention either day or night. There are people who prefer to go to bed early and get up early to study. You can also join IAS Academy in Chennai to give proper time to study.

  1. Rest as much as possible

You cannot study tired or sleepy. Also try to control the nerves, headaches and back pain and anxiety before the exam. It is also important not to neglect food and sleep. A study by Brigham Young University showed that the results of students 16 to 18 years of age on exams are optimal when they sleep seven hours. However, it may be good for you to relax, do some kind of physical exercise such as swimming or just go for a walk.

  1. The day of the exam

It is best to finish the agenda two or three days before the exam and spend the rest of the time reviewing what you have learned. Normally on the day of the exam, students are nervous and overwhelmed, so they should not drink exciting drinks such as coffee or caffeinated soda. Once in front of the exam it is recommended to read all the questions and start answering the one that seems easier to gain confidence.

If you are very overwhelmed you can perform a few hours before relaxation exercises. If you remain blank in any test question, specialists indicate that you should stop writing and try to relax and breathe slowly and deeply for 5 minutes. This will decrease the anxiety caused by the blockage.

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