Practical Gifts for Expecting Parents

Buying baby gifts for expecting parents can be a lot of fun, but it can be tricky too. The impulse to buy cute gifts for babies can be extremely strong. But gift-givers are also usually aware that having a baby can be a time- and energy-intensive process for the parents. As such, they want to get soon-to-be parents thoughtful baby gifts they’ll use and something that will come in handy with their little one. And preferably, something more personal than a pack of diapers. So what are some practical but adorable baby gifts?


Warm and Dry: Bath Time Gifts and Blankies

One often-overlooked feature of raising a baby, at least as far as gifting goes, is bath time. Those who are already parents don’t need to be told that infants are excellent at making messes of pretty much every conceivable kind and aren’t going to clean themselves up. Consider gifts that practically accommodate the necessity of baby bathing, such as a hooded bath towel that features a cute animal on the hood, like a friendly frog or smiling shark. Other creative options will have their little one wrapped up in a towel to appear as a pirate or mermaid to help make bath time fun. Also extremely handy are baby bath gift sets, which will often include practical and cute items such as a washcloth, a scrubby, and a fun squirt toy. Look for one in a friendly aquatic theme to add the excitement of sharks, octopuses, or pirates to clean-up time.

As for keeping their little one warm, what baby was ever content without their own special blankie? Blankies can make great gifts as they’re multi-functional, serving as a swaddling cloth, surface cover for changing diapers, clothing-protector for burping, feeding cover, or just as a blanket. A well-loved blanket may even be saved or displayed with other baby keepsakes as the years pass by. For a truly special blankie gift, look for one that has a rattle built-in or others that have fun backgrounds or sayings that are either decorative or made especially for activity time. Throw in a pair of adorable animal booties and you’ve got a warm, dry, happy baby.

Safe and Happy: Kneezies and Soft Books

Particularly for new and first-time parents, the world can seem like it’s not the most baby-proofed environment, leading them to worry about their little one’s safety and contentment. Some of those concerns can be at least partially mitigated with the proper application of baby presents. One such practical gift is a pair of kneezies: comfy slide-on knee pads for crawling and walking babies. Not only are they extremely cute and feature fun designs, they can also save baby’s knees from knocking around.

A soft story book is a great way to introduce little ones to the wonders and joys of reading. Pops of color will excite babies while parents will appreciate a book that doesn’t rip and is surface washable. Consider gifting a soft book with a pair of complementary story time socks to add another fun element any tale, from Jack & The Beanstalk to Beauty & The Beast.


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