Practical Gifts to Buy Someone That You’ll Secretly Want for Yourself

Practical, organized people can’t stand clutter, so what can you get them as gifts that aren’t going to take up a lot of space or mess with their sensible fengshui? Useful items that assist them with organization and storage are great options. They might help them wash dishes easier, display their wine efficiently, store their jewelry, or tuck away keepsakes. For modern and casual living, check out the following ideas. You might even get on the organizational bandwagon and pick up a few items for yourself.

4Wall-Mounted Wine Display

Your favorite wine lover would enjoy a gift that allows them to showcase a few bottles of wine or stemware in their home. A wall-mounted metal and wood unit adds a touch of warmth to a wall even if the display isn’t full. It would look great above a liquor cabinet, plus utilizes wall space instead of counter or cabinet space. A versatile and modern wine display can hold either bottles, glasses, or both. Some people like to show off the wine labels, so this is a neat way to do it.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry Tree

Your stylish girlfriend with lots of jewelry would be proud to display a decorative jewelry tree on her dresser or vanity. If she needs a reliable place to store necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, help her get organized with a solid but playful jewelry stand. One with nature-inspired hooks in the shape of leaves and buds would look lovely in any bedroom. As a cute extra, get an animal-shaped ring holder. Petite animal ring holders in the shape of elephants, dogs, bunnies, or cats are adorable and practical.

Storage Box with Compartments

Get the perfect blend of style and functionality with a unique storage box, complete with drawers and a hidden compartment. It can be versatile enough to have the organizational features of a jewelry box but could also be used to store keys, wallets, watches, and other items. A clean, modern design would look great in a study or office, or on a nightstand.

Automatic Sensor Soap Pump

A sleek, automatic liquid soap dispenser helps reduce waste—with the wave of a hand and without the mess. It’s a handy kitchen or bathroom accessory that someone might not necessarily think to purchase for themselves but would love as a gift. A sensor hand soap dispenser with a matte finish and nickel accents would look great with any kitchen or bathroom décor. A non-drip spout is especially appealing.

Modern Coat Rack

A streamlined coat rack is a great storage solution and the perfect addition to an entryway or spare bedroom. Choose a modern and sleek coat rack made of metal and wood with hooks, so it flows seamlessly with the recipient’s home décor and fits easily into a variety of spaces.

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