Practical Strategies and Effective Training for Firearm Defense

All too often, there’s an impression, conscious or not, among those who own or carry a firearm that by virtue of owning a gun they have become safer. However, a firearm is a tool, and like any other tool, attempting to use it without the appropriate training and familiarity can result in injury or worse. For a gun to be a safe and effective self-defense solution, whether you’ve got a pistol chambered for .22 LR or a shotgun racked up with 12 gauge ammo slug or buckshot, training is a must. And for that training to be most effective, it has to be more than going to the range every few months.

18The Best Gun for You

The first step in a practical firearm defense strategy has to be finding a firearm that works for you. It’s highly important, particularly for carrying a pistol, that your firearm fits you, your physical traits, your lifestyle, and your comfort level. These factors are all exponentially more important than caliber alone. If you find a .22 LR pistol that fits your hand beautifully, doesn’t make you flinch when you fire it, has little recoil, and has a capacity of 33 rounds, snap it up. Go find the best .22 LR ammo you can find and make it your EDC.

Dynamic Gun Training

Any defensive sidearm training is better than no gun training, but it’s worth noting that some training out there is better than others. Good training should be dynamic. First off, it should specifically cover how pistols work, semi-automatics and revolvers. That means going over common reasons that pistols jam or otherwise fail and how to resolve those issues. It should involve a lot of range time but also incorporate how real-life threat scenarios actually play out. And as is so often pointed out, shooting is a “perishable skill.” That means it’s not really like riding a bike. You need to keep shooting in order to maintain a consistent skill level. Practice is key.

Firearm Defense-Peripheral Skills

Situational awareness involves, reasonably enough, being aware of your environment. Learning to identify people who are acting in a manner that seems suspicious is important, as is learning to recognize when people appear to be following you. It can help someone avoid projecting vulnerability, which is a surprisingly effective way to avoid being targeted. Much of it is as simple as staying off the phone to remain more aware, parking and walking in places that aren’t obscured by shadows, and so on. A surprisingly under-covered subject in situational awareness courses is basic de-escalation strategies. Because, however well-trained and competent you are in the use of lethal force, it’s always preferable to avoid having to use it if at all possible.

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