Practical Strategies to Recruit and Retain Top Millennial Talent

25413770_s-600x397According to the stereotypes, millennials are tech savvy, they’re restless and prone to job-jumping, and they require semi-constant affirmations and acknowledgment. Unfortunately, misunderstanding why those clichés exist can lead employers to invest time and resources in ineffective recruitment and retention strategies. That’s why information and finding a good staffing agency Austin millennials trust is so important for employers in the Austin area, or anywhere.

Dynamic Hiring Strategies, Leveraging Recruiters

Among the most positive stereotypes about millennials is that they’re a tech-savvy lot. (Despite often being accompanied by grumbling about all the time they spend on their smartphones.) There’s no doubt that millennials are often more familiar with contemporary technology than generations that didn’t grow up with it.

They are also more comfortable with and active on social media platforms. As such, formulating an employment strategy that incorporates a robust online presence makes sense. The centerpiece of a hiring strategy should be a recruitment agency. Finding a skilled, reliable staffing and temp agency Austin millennials take advantage of will virtually inevitably prove more fruitful than relying on traditional job boards.

Practical Appeals From Practical Employment Realities

Another common misconception about millennial hiring and retention is the assertion that millennials, collectively, are going to demand perks like the option to work from home. And if you’re not letting them work whatever hours they want and showering them with constant affirmations, they’re gone. But millennials are as diverse as any other group with interests, preferences, and priorities likewise as diverse as any other population. So in general, they’re looking for what everyone is looking for in their careers: a decent salary, fair benefits, trust, respect, transparency, and a good company culture. Getting a finger on the pulse of the likely industry and position expectations of the average millennial beyond the basics is another excellent reason to partner with a recruitment agency.

Retention Through Gain Not Gimmicks

Another virtually universally-cited claim about the particular temperament of millennials is their employment “restlessness.” It’s believed they’re prone to jump from job to job due to this restlessness, forever seeking new employment experiences. Which is why those constant affirmations and perks like the ability to work remotely are so important to retain those restless millennials. That’s undoubtedly the case for some of them, as it is for some members of any generation. But far more often the cause of that “restlessness” is the fact that the modern employment market isn’t as likely to offer millennials positions offering an income sufficient to support a household as might have been the case in the past.

Unsurprisingly, when in stable positions offering a good wage and benefits, millennials become far less restless. In addition to the aforementioned basics, the likewise earlier-mentioned input from a trusted staffing agency can be a huge advantage. They can offer insight into the viability and success rate of practical perks like a transparent, performance-based pay structure and quarterly incentives. Basically, work with an informed recruiter and focus less on gimmicks designed to keep millennials distracted and more on pragmatic benefits for the company as a whole.

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