Practice Speaking English

ALULA is where ESL and EFL students can take highly engaging and effective English lessons that are taught by Virtual English Tutors.

Virtual English Tutors are not humans (although they might feel differently from time to time). They are an autonomous teaching system that is powered by AI. Practice Speaking English

Virtual English Tutors are knowledgeable in how to teach ESL students. They can help ESL students with their grammar, sentence formation, listening, and writing. They understand what the student said. They also teach students how to express their opinions in English through discussion, puzzles, and games.

Why did you make ALULA?

ALULA is designed to go beyond the traditional mode of study (reading the textbook, answering multiple choice questions, doing fill-in-the-blank questions). Lessons with a Virtual English Tutor simulates real-life conversation with a language tutor. So, a student can practice his or her English in a natural, conversational manner.

Currently, students only have a few choices when it comes to taking an ESL lesson that includes grammar, listening, speaking, thinking, and freely expressing their opinions. Conversational classes in a language school and hiring private tutors are good choices, but they are also fairly expensive. Many students have no means to attend ESL lessons. This limitation creates educational inequity, which affects students’ academic success and/or employment opportunities. English Conversation Lessons

ALULA attempts to remedy some of the educational inequities that our team has witnessed over the years. ALULA offers students inexpensive and high quality alternative to private English classes. A Virtual English Tutor engages students in rich discussion following a reading or listening session, giving students confidence to expressing their opinions.

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